WTS: 2# of IMR SR4756

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admiral posted this 20 April 2021

As I have plenty of supplies I though I'd offer this to anyone in need of powder. If anyone in the St. Louis, MO area is in need of pistol powder I have 2 pounds of factory sealed IMR SR4756. This powder (purchased 2015) is now discontinued and has a burn speed close to Alliant Herco and Accurate #5. Plenty of data out there for .38 Special, .357 Mag, 9mm, .40 S&W, .44 Spec/Mag, .45 ACP, .45 Colt. Local pick up only. $35 per pound

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John Alexander posted this 21 April 2021

I would really like to have those two pounds of 4756 it seems to be the perfect powder for the load I shoot in competition and I don't have much left but I'm a long ways from St. Lewis.  You don't happen to know anybody that's going to the CBA nationals in Kansas city do you?

I commend you for offering to share during a shortage at a far price with someone who could use it. Nice to have neighbors.


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admiral posted this 21 April 2021


I don't know anyone in the CBA personally and have never met another member face to face either. I don't participate in any form of match shooting. Maybe a member can help out?

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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 23 April 2021

hi johna ... maybe the 21 nats should be promoted as a rifle match and * Swap Meet *  ?? ...  maybe even an extra day for Trader's Day ...

i have some 1999 year unopened 5744 and cci small rifle primers i would trade for a good beagle pup ... about 1000 misc 22 prairie dog bullets i might trade for 100 lbs of scrap plinker lead ...

etc. etc.

just a thought ... 


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Paul Pollard posted this 23 April 2021

If the National Match is on, we come through St Louis on the way to Pioneer. Make a slight detour, pick up the powder and deliver to John at the match.

Let me know if everyone is serious.

Ken, we normally do have a mini swap meet at the match. In fact, that's where I got my current pea shooter. I almost passed it by, thinking it was a boat anchor...some days it is.




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John Alexander posted this 23 April 2021


That is a generous offer, but St. Lewis is a big city as you know.  So unless the detour to pick up the powder was really small I wouldn't want the Pollard team to be delayed.  Your trip is long enough as it is.


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admiral posted this 23 April 2021

The powder is at my place of employment which is about 1.5 miles off I-55 at the southern St. Louis city / St. Louis county border. It's pretty easy to get to. Unlike if you had to wind through the 'burbs to get to my residence.

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