Who is loading 380 Auto

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Eutectic posted this 23 March 2021

Is anyone loading 380? What bullet designs work? What loads have you found to work?

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Larry Gibson posted this 23 March 2021

I've been loading the Lee 356-102-1R cast of any left over "scrap" alloys sized .356 and lubed with LLA or with NRA 50/50 lube over 2.5 gr Bullseye for years.  Last few loadings have been with the 358-105-SWC though.  It feeds and functions fine in my AMT Backup and the wife's Ruger LCP II and is accurate in both.  Velocity runs 720 fps.


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lotech posted this 23 March 2021

I haven't had a .380 in some time, but used to load for a Colt, a couple of PPK/Ss, and a Makarov. I tried an RCBS round nose (93 grs.), a Lyman flat nose (100 grs.), and a SAECO flat nose (122 grs). Most accurate powder with each bullet was 231, but I also tried Bullseye, Unique, Herco, and Blue Dot. I used ww alloy and sized at .356".


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Idahocaster posted this 24 March 2021

I also load the Lee 356-102-1R, cast from various tin/lead alloys. My load is 3.5 gr Universal Clays. Lube is equal parts paraffin wax and Vaseline. I shoot them in a Ruger LC380.

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Ed Harris posted this 24 March 2021

I'm loading Accurate 35-120H with 2.5 grains of Bullseye for the SIG P230, Beretta M1934 and original model Ruger LCP

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