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putnro01 posted this 22 March 2021

Looking for round ball molds in the following sizes:





Preferably multi cavity, but I can work with single. PM what you have/pricing. 

Thanks, Joe

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RicinYakima posted this 22 March 2021

I seem to remember having an old Lachmiller .375 for the 36 Navy. There may be a .454 one piece Ideal in the RB section? Will check tomorrow.

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putnro01 posted this 22 March 2021

I appreciate it Ric, thank you!


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putnro01 posted this 23 March 2021

454 and 375 molds have been sourced (thanks Ric). 375 negates the need for the 380 for me.

Still looking for a .350 mold. -Joe

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cove posted this 24 March 2021

I see that you no longer need a 0.380 RB mold, but I have a Lee 2-cavity mold that was used one time and would let it go for $10 shipping included. Bill Duncan ([email protected])

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putnro01 posted this 24 March 2021

PM sent

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putnro01 posted this 28 March 2021

Still looking for .350 round ball. 


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putnro01 posted this 29 March 2021


Thank you for the link. I am truly tempted. The 36 cal round balls are destined to run in a Kibler .36 SMR, I'm worried .360 would be a bit tight. 


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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 29 March 2021

when i was plinking with oversize round balls in my 44 mag rifle, i just sized the balls in a push-through to get them in the brass without bulging same .  they may have shot even better for accuracy, at least at 40 yards.

just a thought.  i guess slightly out of round is still pretty round  ( g ) .  and snug is better than loose ...  


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putnro01 posted this 02 April 2021

Was able to source the needed molds. Thanks for the help. 


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mashburn posted this 07 April 2021

Hello Cove (Bill),

I know that this is no place for a personal email, but I have been unable to reach you by PM's. I told you that I would take the .375 round ball mold and PM'd you several times and did not receive a response. I figured that someone else had beat me to the purchase of the mold. Yesterday, I received a priority package and it was the .375 mold, and was I surprised. I will send you payment tomorrow, if I remember right you don't take paypal, so I will send you a personal check.

You had mailed the priority box on March 21and I didn't receive it until yesterday. You talk about one torn up package, it had been wet, the note you had enclosed in the box had been wet along with box. It is a good thing that you had taped the box up good because the box looked like it had been run over by a lawn mower. I would like to know what happened somewhere along the way of it's travel. The good news is that the mold was in like new condition, it had received no damage, thanks to your good packaging.

You must be one trusting and good man to send the mold before you heard from me and received payment. The world could use more men like you.

Thank you very much and I will send you a check tomorrow,

David Cogburn

David a. Cogburn

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