ML/BP cartridge postal results for April

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GWarden posted this 2 weeks ago

I was trying to do some editing, and deleted the recent post of results that had been turned in. Tom would you please repost your results. 

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Tom Acheson posted this 2 weeks ago

The (10) round "group" is 5.710". But the "best" (7) is 3.480". Remeber, this was 200- meters/218-yards.

The rifle is a C. Sharps Model 74, chambered in .40 2 1/2 (40-70 Sharps Straight), Hoke rear and Baldwin front sight. The bullet is a 415-grain Brooks ddpp (dual diameter paper patch). Powder is 68-grains of Old Eyensford 1 1/2. Primer is a FC large pistol match. Cases are Hornady 405 Winchester.

Between each shot I wiped with 2 wet and 1 dry, followed by a pass with a chamber mop. Wiping solution is Ballistol but the previous solution was water soluble NAPA cutting oil combined with water. When I used that solution, at the end of post-shooting clean-up, I ran a patch with denatured alcohol through the barrel to displace any residual moisture. Cleaning solution is Butch's Bore Shine, BP flavor. At the very end, a patch of EZZOX is run through the bore and over the action, etc.

At the start I shot two rounds into the hill. Should have shot a few more. The first two of the required (10) rounds are up at the edge @ 120 but then things settled down. Did not move the sights since I was trying for group. Based on an article I read about target color, where darker blue was favored, is why the aiming center is blue.

Although my Paul Jones Money bullet (greaser) has done OK, my short time with pp bullets is convincing me to spend the summer using that bullet design. This rifle has never seen a jacketed bullet or smokeless powder and never will.






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GWarden posted this 2 weeks ago

April BP cartridge targets/info: 32/40 CPA Krieger bbl., Weaver scope. RMC Everlast case, small rifle primer pocket, Rem. 7 1/2 primer. Case full Swiss 1 1/2 powder,  .025 Overpowder wad, compression .140" Tapered bullet 204gr 25:1 mix breech seated. Two five shot groups agg: .656". 100yds.

ML 100 yd target: 50 cal heavy bench ML, Krieger bbl, rifle built by Bruce McKelvey, Florence Alabama, Redfield sights, 120gr Swiss 2F, CCI#11M cap, .020 teflon patch, two wet and one dry patch between shots, both sides used. .498 ball Score 50-3X.

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4060may posted this 2 weeks ago

Made it out Wed, 75deg, wind 5-8mph southerly

40-60 Maynard, Rollin Block Danish, Douglas 1-16, SST, Hoke Rear, Globe front, 53.7 Grains of GOEX CTG, 9-08, .060 poly wad, .200 compression, 9 1/2 Rem primer, Saeco 740, Scrap BHN 12, as cast, lube Homemade, BW-MT-Mobil1, Cross sticks, 100yds. wiped 1 damp patch, ballistol/water

group 4.5", light got me on the 2 9's, 8 shots 2 3/4", score 98 3X

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GWarden posted this 2 weeks ago

Only three shot the matches? It is not too late to turn in some targets. Hopefully we get some more shooters to keep this going. You all have a good day.


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