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RicinYakima posted this 18 March 2019


Hemingway’s Guns by Calabi, Hensley and Sanger


One of the most famous writers, outdoorsmen, hunters and the original “Manly Man” was Ernest Hemingway. While almost all schools have banned his books, except for The old Man and the Sea, his hunting and fishing stories are still very very good. Even when he was writing for the newspapers as a war correspondent, he never let a good story get bogged down with truth or the facts.


When we look at how many guns folks own today, it is surprising that he and his family probable only own a couple of dozen firearms from 1918 till his death in the 1961. This book documents and describes shotguns, rifles and a couple of pistols he owned or gave to his family.  Correspondence with Griffin and Howe on what he wanted built or to buy is included. While he hunted around the world, he is best known for the two safaris he made to Africa. His stories from the first in the 1930’s was wired back to the US and published in the newspapers for the entertainment of the Americans who were fighting their way through the great depression. 


While nothing really goes on in the book about cast bullets, it is an interesting read about the rich and famous who were sports. And their use of the most expensive custom guns and standard models that everyone else had also.


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joeb33050 posted this 18 March 2019

One of the most famous writers, outdoorsmen, hunters and the original “Manly Man” was Ernest Hemingway. While almost all schools have banned his books, except for The old Man and the Sea

Not so Ric, at least in the USA, so far. 

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RicinYakima posted this 18 March 2019

Joe, They have been in the High Schools of the Peoples Republic of Political Correctness, formerly known as the State of Washington. Steinbeck and Dos Passos are about the only acceptable 20th Century authors whose works were prior to WW2.  

Joe's right! see below.

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RicinYakima posted this 18 March 2019

Joe, I did more research and found out you are correct; not "banned", but not any of the 100  "common core" books required to be read if you take four years of English, nor in the 250 recommended for high school students. Students can either go to the public libraries, or buy a copy, but not useable for book reports.

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Ed Harris posted this 19 March 2019

When I was a cadet at Virginia Tech, during my "rat" year we were required to read Kipling.

My dearest friend John who has recently return from "A-Stan" agrees!


An' when the war began, we chased the bold Afghan,
An' we made the bloomin' Ghazi for to flee, boys O!
An' we marched into Kabul, an' we tuk the Balar 'Issar
An' we taught 'em to respec' the British Soldier.

Barrack Room Ballad .

MULVANEY, Ortheris and Learoyd are Privates in B Company of a Line Regiment, and personal friends of mine. Collectively I think, but am not certain, they are the worst men in the regiment so far as genial blackguardism goes.

They told me this story in the Umballa Refreshment Room while we were waiting for an uptrain. I supplied the beer. The tale was cheap at a gallon and a half.

All men know Lord Benira Trig. He is a Duke, or an Earl, or something unofficial; also a Peer; also a Globe-trotter. On all three counts, as Ortheris says, "'he didn't deserve no consideration." He was out in India for three months . . .

73 de KE4SKY In Home Mix We Trust From the Home of Ed's Red in "Almost Heaven" West Virginia

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David Reiss posted this 20 March 2019

Kipling is a favorite of mine. 

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Seven Pines posted this 04 April 2019

The school I teach at purged almost every ‘weapon’ related book a few years ago. To counter this, I brought in every Capstick, Rocky Chandler, Louis LAmour, Roark, book my dad and I could scrounge. Then to make things even better, I brought in every American Rifleman, Precision Shooting, Muzzle blast, and Muzzleloader copy I could spare. The kids loved it! We live in a rural area where hunting and shooting are common for most kids. Some of the kids who didn’t shoot or hunt read them as well and it might have helped. I accepted book reports on any of them.

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RicinYakima posted this 05 April 2019

You are the type of teacher the US needs more of!

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Seven Pines posted this 05 April 2019

The only book that I regret taking to school was my first copy of Elmer Keith’s Big Game Hunting that one of the kids took with them when they moved.

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