Groundhog Shoot 2018

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Scearcy posted this 07 March 2018

Good morning! I am looking out the window at 18 inches of fresh snow which can only mean one thing. I am home from Florida and it is time to get this show on the road. Ken and I have not worked out all of the logistics yet so I will give you a rough framework today and we will fill in details over the next week.

First I do have several names of prospective participants already. I will post them later today along with any information I still need to get enrollment forms out to each of you.

We will do a posting of rules  soon.  Right now we expect to change little if anything from last year.

The signup process will be:

Let me know you want to participate - I (Jim) will need your address and email.

2 weeks from now we will mail signup forms to everyone.

When we receive the completed forms and $5 per rifle, we will mail targets (2 practice and 1 record per gun) to each of you.

Shoot the targets and return them by May 15 (address yet to be determined)

We will post the results quickly. We will also mail a paper copy of the results to all participants.

Hopefully we will be able to publish the results in TFS again this year.

Jim and Ken


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Scearcy posted this 07 March 2018

I just went through last years file and I have addresses and email addresses from:

Bushranch, Maven, Ken Campbell, Millelacs, Acheson, Urny, longhunter, GWarden, Ross, and T Keizer.

I do not have addresses for: 4060may and obssd1958

If your handle does not appear in either list above I missed your expression of interest. Please PM me.

Any others please PM me.


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Urny posted this 07 March 2018

Good morning Jim and Ken


Message sent to Jim with address and email to participate in this match.  I am looking forward to this and thank you both for your efforts.



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Scearcy posted this 07 March 2018

Here is a very brief recap of major rules for this fun match.

Target: NRA Groundhog Target

Distance: 50 yards

Bullets: Cast plain base or self cast muzzleloader projectile. Sabots are not allowed as they are a form of gas check

Rifle : Almost any centerfire or muzzleloader

Sights: iron or scope limited to 4X (separate classes)

Position: No Benchrest. Must be supported by the ground. Slings, a tree, a fencepost or cross sticks (handheld) are ok. Sitting, standing, kneeling, prone. Standing results will be shown as a separate class.


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45 2.1 posted this 07 March 2018

 PM sent...................

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Bohica793 posted this 08 March 2018

PM Sent....

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greg posted this 08 March 2018

PM sent...



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4060may posted this 09 March 2018

I'm in

PM sent

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Scearcy posted this 09 March 2018

16 shooters on the list so far. Last year almost everyone who expressed interest ultimately participated. Last year we also averaged 2 rifles per shooter. So we have an excellent chance of having more that 30 rifles in the match. FUN!


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longhunter posted this 09 March 2018


You have me down already.  I will be shooting two different rifles.  This is one of those fun things that we can do as shooters!

Thanks for putting this on!



Jon Welda CW5 USA Ret.

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Dukem posted this 19 March 2018

Mr. Reiss got my Forum issues sorted out, now I am Dukem instead of Duke M. Please count me in for the 2018 Ground Hog match. longhunter already notified you I believe. I will PM you with address etc.


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Scearcy posted this 19 March 2018


I have you securely on the list


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Scearcy posted this 19 March 2018


I will be mailing the signup sheets in the next day or two -likely tomorrow. You can return those sheets with $5 / rifle. I will send targets out as soon as I receive your signup sheets. Please don't send money without a signup sheet.

Here is a recap:

I have the list of everyone who has expressed interest. I will send each of you a signup sheet this week.

Return the signup and money to me.

I will send you targets and a copy of the rules for your reference.

Shoot your targets and return the record target to KEN CAMPBELL. Lets say the due date will be JUNE 1.  I will send Ken's address with the targets.

Ken will score the targets and we will distribute and post the results.


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Scearcy posted this 19 March 2018


I am mailing sign up sheets to the following guys today. If your handle isn't there, I missed you so let me know.

Acheson, Bohica793, Bushranch, Dukem, GWarden, greg, Ken Campbell, longhunter, Maven, Millelacs, Ross, Southdakota1, 

T Keizer, Urny, 4060may, and 45 2.1


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obssd1958 posted this 19 March 2018

Jim, Please add me to the line up. I'll send a PM with my mailing address. Thanks! Don

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Scearcy posted this 19 March 2018

I am going to try posting a photo (downsized) of the target

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Scearcy posted this 28 March 2018

Status Report: I have received entry forms from longhunter, Dukem, GWarden and 4060may. Collectively they entered 8 rifles. I am aware of some other entry forms "in the mail". I will mail the first batch of targets this weekend.


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Urny posted this 28 March 2018

Mine was mailed Friday, should be to you shortly.  Just one rifle though.


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Ross Smith posted this 29 March 2018

mine's coming too, mailed yesterday.

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tlkeizer posted this 29 March 2018


I am out of Alaska right now and in Hawaii, so will send in my entry forms after I get home in a couple weeks.  I plan on shooting 4 guns (maybe 5, see how much $ I have in my wallet after I get home).


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Scearcy posted this 31 March 2018

Another status report: I have received 4 more entries: South Dakota 4440, Bohica793, Urny, and Acheson. 8 entries, 15 rifles

I am aware of at least 3 more entries in the mail. I will start mailing targets Monday.

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