Gas checks before or after powder coating

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2frogs posted this 25 March 2022

How do you put the gas check on with the powder coating on the bullets. Lyman gas check. Thanks

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Spindrift posted this 25 March 2022

I prefer to install my GC prior to coating. All my gas checks are of the crimp-on variety, though. Slip-on checks might fall of during the shake?


The PC adds about 0,002in diameter, and if your shanks are on the large side in the first place, installing checks before coating is definately a good idea.


PS experimenting with checkless PC bullets might be wortwhile. I’ve had some pretty good results.

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Boschloper posted this 26 March 2022

I agree with Spindrift. Leave the gas check off and see how it works. I have good luck with Lyman 357156 at .38 Spl. velocities all the way up to max. .357 velocities. 

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Buttersdad posted this 06 December 2022

I use Hornady gas checks and Gator gas checks from Sages Outdoor. I started out seating the checks after PCing and had a lot of trouble so I switched to seating the checks before PCing with my Lee sizing dies and I can get MOA accuracy with all of my PCed cast bullets.

I finally have a place to hunt so I'm going to work my hunting loads with my cast for next year season.

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Fitzpatrick posted this 06 December 2022

For the moulds that i do gas check I do it after power coating  but i do use a NOE gas check expander then size the bullet and crimps the gas check in place with out deforming the bullet 

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harleyrock posted this 06 December 2022

I have the NOE gas check expanders and I will do just about anything I can to keep from having to use them.  They are a PITA to use to me.

I size and crimp GCs in Lee push through sizer before powder coating.  I will size again after curing PC if necessary.

I use Sage Outdoors crimp on checks.


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delmarskid posted this 07 December 2022

I watched a YouTube showing how to use a Lee factory crimp die to crimp on gas checks. Really cool.

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res45 posted this 07 December 2022

Not all PC is alike, some will go on thicker than others and the same can be said for gas check shanks as some shanks in the same caliber from different mold makers will be different in dia. which can be problematic when trying to apply gas checks over coated bullets.

The NOE case check expands is a handy tool for when that problem arises, but for those bullets once I discover that issue I prefer to just apply the gas check first and coat over it.

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