Anyone shoot USPSA?

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SierraHunter posted this 31 March 2017

Got invited to shoot in a USPSA match this weekend, and I think I'm gonna go. Will be shooting a single stack 1911 and 230gn cast powder coated.

Anyone shoot USPSA? Anything I should know before I head to the range this weekend?

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David Reiss posted this 31 March 2017

Yes, but I tell you the same thing I used to tell all my rookie officers, “take you time and shoot fast". Accuracy in these matches is more important than speed, unless you aren't up against rookies, then shoot fast and hope for the best! 

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SierraHunter posted this 31 March 2017

I'm not sure what I'll be up against. I do know I'm not planning winning, or even coming close. Just going to go have fun.

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BrianB posted this 01 April 2017

 I believe you will have a great time. I've been shooting IPSC ( the Canadian/International version of USPSA) since 1998 and have been a range officer since 2005. Wonderful friendly people willing to help out a newbie. There are so many shooters who use the 1911 that they have a special classification for it. While you work your way through the course of fire, engaging the targets you will be followed by the Range Officer. He/She will be mostly watching your trigger finger; which must always be outside of the trigger guard when you are reloading and moving along the targets. This one infraction is the major cause for a DQ (disqualification = very embarrassing). It's really exciting, just focus on your finger being straight along the slide and take your time. USPSA is a very safe sport. Check out the bazillion YouTube posts from all over the (IPSC) world (US only for USPSA). Have fun!

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45 2.1 posted this 01 April 2017

Learn to hit a precise point (for example: inside a 3/4” to 1” dot at 5 to 7 yards) at a precise instant (on demand) in time. Once you can do that speed with accuracy comes somewhat more easily.

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SierraHunter posted this 02 April 2017

Went today and I had a absolute blast. Made 37th place out of 55 shooters, so not as bad as I expected.

I did almost get DQ before I ever started, for having a loaded mag in the gun on the range. RO pulled me aside and let me fix the problem and still shoot the match. Learned a lot today, and will be going to the next match on Easter sunday.

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