Waiting for the Opening Day of the Valtrebbia Boar Season

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giorgio de galleani posted this 09 August 2010

 Waiting for boar opening day, september 26th 2010.

Here's a necklace of  salamini di cinghiale ,as are made in the Maremma Toscana.

I have just received a 350 gr 444 Ranchdog mould...................

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Ranch Dog posted this 09 August 2010

Good luck with the hogs vs. bullet!

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72coupe posted this 09 August 2010

No wait in Texas. We have so many wild hogs they are considered pest and can be hunted any time and with almost any method to include helicopters.

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giorgio de galleani posted this 09 August 2010

Everything is big in Texas.Texan guts included.

In Italy the provinces of Genoa and Alessandria,are ruled by catholic -marxist greenies,that are the usual ignorant ,envious losers,and they are skizophrenic about  hunting,and game management.

They do not want to pay to the landowners (Horrible capitalists) for the damages made by the herds of pigs,but they do not want us to kill them,so the pig population

is abundant ,and the hunting season is short.

As anybody who has a little serious knowledge in game management knows the legal hunting pressure will not eradicate any varmint if the environement can furnish shelter ,food and water to the critters.

Theese idiots are spending lots of public money for a study  the high mortality rate among the ibex kids  in the Gran  Paradiso Park.,where any hunting is illegal.since 1943 .

Being  liberal greenies they do not understand that the park is overpopulate by the ibex,and when a territory is overpopupulated only the adults eat,the kids starve.

Judicious hunting would solve the problem ,bringing big money to the Park authority.

Admire some Valtrebbia pigs enjoying biscuit crumbs.


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tturner53 posted this 10 August 2010

Thanks for the picture Mr. Buffalo! I see you have succumbed to the seductive call of the .444. I am also interested in the RD molds. Got my first one a few months ago, used. It's a 265 gr. .444 mold. I haven't tried it yet in my new H&R single shot accessory barrel, but did try it in a postal match in a Ruger SBH .44 mag with a Red Dot sight. I figured I would be getting groups like Dale does but no cigar. The red dot sight is not magic afterall and a mediocre shooter is still a mediocre shooter regardless of the fancy sights used. By the way, when I first saw the picture of the sausage links I thought it was some scat somebody saved for some reason! I'm sure it tastes better than it looks.

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Ranch Dog posted this 10 August 2010

tturner53 wrote: I am also interested in the RD molds. Got my first one a few months ago, used. It's a 265 gr. .444 mold. I will be back in business, full time around November 1. I should have about 90% of my bullet designs available all of the time and special runs of the others as needed. Lube & Size Kits will also be available.

One problem I had in the past was storage, I just finished a new building on my ranch that will take care of all my needs. Molds and Kits take up a lot of room and need to be keep in a temperature/humidity controlled environment. My web site also needed to be reconsidered. Updates are painful and there is no accounting. I'm taking care of that right now. Every thing should be in place in a couple of months.

So as to keep this reply on topic, I have this fellow about 300 yards behind my new building. I try to keep bullet test media available at all times ;)

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giorgio de galleani posted this 10 August 2010

Italian  home made salami are not made to be pleasing to the eye but to please the palate 's taste.

This is the cellar of a Farm in Tuscany,you can see big wooden wine casks and a triumph of salami  hanging from the ceiling.of various ages.

They are made from domestic pork.

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hunterspistol posted this 10 August 2010

     And, In bocco la lupa, my friend!

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tturner53 posted this 10 August 2010

Looks delicious. I always enjoy the pictures. I was just teasing about the scat. Sometimes my twisted sense of humor goes too far.

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72coupe posted this 10 August 2010

Tell us how you really feel about the Marxist Greenies.

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giorgio de galleani posted this 11 August 2010

I  know what skatà means in ancient Greek.,and I acnowledge that the outer appearance does not make justice to my Wild boar bonbons.

Yesterday evening I ate the last survivor.

As soon as the temperatures cool down ,in september or october,a local butcher will make  salamini crudi,called  cacciatorini,with the boar meat that waits in my freezer.

And when it will be cold enough to light the kitchen wood  stove,I'll make some stew with onions white wine and polenta.


Pic :butchering boars,in the last season.

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Dale53 posted this 24 August 2010

Giorgio; You have no idea how much pleasure I get from watching your posts regarding hunting in Europe. We are beginning to be bothered by the “greenies” who understand NOTHING, here in the USA. It will only get worse as time goes on. It can be REALLY frustrating.

At any rate, I enjoy your posts on hunting and shooting in Europe. When my oldest son was stationed in Europe my wife and I made several trips there and thoroughly enjoyed our excursions.

Keep up the good work!


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giorgio de galleani posted this 25 August 2010

Here's Piri,a lone mature male ,waiting hidden in the brush and thorns.

We pass on the main road and drop some corn ,and call him and he comes to eat the corn.

The road is winding and in a steep hill,it would be impossible to  render Piri under our possession without been seen prom the passing vehicles.

But when the season will open we are planning to throw in the hounds and ambush Piri away from the road,where shooting is legal. 

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giorgio de galleani posted this 25 August 2010

And here's Piri appreciating corn.

I am standing upon a high wall,throwing corn to the hog,like being on a castle wall looking down into the ditch.

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Reg posted this 25 August 2010

Giorgio, The pictures of the hunting , the butchering and especially the cellar in Tuscany. For the hunter--- that is life at its best. Keep those pics coming. The making of the salami, could you speak more on this. Do you have a good recipe ? The best to you Sir.


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giorgio de galleani posted this 25 August 2010

I'll tell you what I know of the SALAME CRUDO,as it is called in this part of the province of Alessandria.

Salame cotto,or to be cooked ( boiled in water)is different,and I do not like it.

Every township has different recipes and the spoken dialect is different ang they give different names to the same sausage.

Salame crudo is made of raw non cooked pork meat or boar meat,it should be cut with the knife,not with the Hamburger making machine.wit a good ,around 30%  part of pork fat,i.e.,fresh bacon,or the cheeks or the chin..

KNO3,saltpeter is added with table salt ,malabar pepper,black and white ,a little garlic and some people add a little red or white wine..

The mixture is injected in  dry budello,intestines of bovines, tightly bound with natural strings and left hanged in a ventilated cellar in hilly regions.

It was the way they conserved meat in pre refrigerators times.

A local butcher has promised to make me boar “cacciatorini",small salami with my boar meat ,that is waiting in the freezer,as soon the temperature will  become colder,in october.So I'll be able to be more exaustive in october.

In the present august heat salami go bad,if you use the old recipes. 


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Reg posted this 25 August 2010

We can sometimes get a salame cotto ( might not be the same thing ) and yes, if boiled in water its not the best at all. However have found that if placed in a small skillet then boiled in beer till the beer is about evaporated then taken and grilled on the BBQ its very good. Made up a batch a couple of years ago with pork ( domestic ) and deer meat and when cooked like this ,it was excellent. Have found I need to learn much more about the uses of spices as they actually , along with the process itself , actually make the finished product. Also what would the differance would be with cutting the meat with a knife verses the grinding of the meat? I do not doubt the differance but wonder what it would be. Glad you got your boar, now, enjoy !!


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biddulph posted this 25 August 2010

speaking of greenies,

here in Australia, we have just had the Federal election resulting in a hung parliament with the greens due to control the senate from July next year.

Greens here are animal liberationists/anti mining, anti hunting, anti gun ownership etc etc.

God only knows what will happen.

Election last saturday, 21/8 and we still don't know which party will govern Australia at this time...



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Reg posted this 25 August 2010

:cowboy:Its a crazy world we live in now. I think its leading up to something but only the good Lord knows what and when. All we can do is keep below the horizon and keep our powder dry and wait it out. Best of luck to you.


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1kshooter posted this 30 August 2010

I am also very interested in any hung sausage recipes I do make fresh sausage with Deer,Moose,duck and goose and I would love to have the ability to make the hard dry sausage like soprasata as my family can go through it pretty quickly! Jonathan

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giorgio de galleani posted this 30 August 2010

Here is the recipe of cow meat salami.If the file attaches correctly.

You will see the salame filling machine. Notice:The meat grinder is considered Wicked & sinful.

They use 25 to 30 % of Non smoked bacon or pork lard and add ,wine spices an potassium nitrate.

I believe that saltpeter and pepper allows seasoning and getting the hard salami you want.

While soppressata in the Veneto is a large caliber salame,in some zones of the South is a flat or bent salame containing a lot of chili peppers.

I'll have more accurate news after opening day from my hillibilly friends.


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