Plated Wadcutters

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Gunner220 posted this 06 April 2016

A box of Berry 148 plated HBWC fell into my lap and I'm not quite sure to do with them. First thought was to load in 38 Special brass using cast data and plan to start there. The plating makes me think they will take a bit more velocity which might happen searching for the right load. I do worry about blowing the skirt off with too much get up and go.

I did call Berry's and they wouldn't give me zip in terms of data for this bullet. SOP I guess. Has anybody loaded these before or is there a reason my friend dropped them in my lap. LOL

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RicinYakima posted this 07 April 2016

They are wonderful, made to shoot indoors at lead free ranges. The base metal is almost pure lead, so you can't load them any hotter than any other hollow based bullet. Sorry, not what you wanted to hear, I know.

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Gunner220 posted this 07 April 2016

Thank you sir. Anything is exactly what I wanted to hear. Now I know how to proceed.

Thanks for responding.

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noylj posted this 08 April 2016

They aren't very accurate. Unless you REALLY NEED copper coated bullets, swaged are a lot better.

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Gunner220 posted this 08 April 2016

Thank you. They were free. Wasting a primer and a bit of Bullseye are my only concern. Maybe a rifle will like them.

Thanks atgain for responding.

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onondaga posted this 09 April 2016>Gunner220

You can still shop. Rainier plated bullets are the top of the line in plated bullets and recently thickened their plating too. Rainier states their bullets will withstand MAXIMUM jacketed load data but say that best accuracy lies halfway between START and MAX.

Rainier sells direct and through suppliers like MidwayUSA, see the complete selection, description and data here:

I have had great accuracy results with Rainier plated bullets in .458 Win Mag. Rainier bullets are very economical also.


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noylj posted this 15 April 2016

Economical? Have you priced Precision Delta jacketed bullets in bulk compared to plated? At least for me, the jacketed are the same price and sometimes less.

Accuracy: Define. For me, I want at least <2” center-to-center at 25 yards, with <1.5” the goal. For Bullseye, I want <2” at 50 yards. All plated bullets I have shot have given me from 4” to “where did the bullet go?” groups at 25 yards and 50 yards was pointless. This isn't to say that others may not get great results (particularly where “pin-point” accuracy is NOT the primary goal), but it would be nice if folks would state what it is they are calling “accurate."Are the loads for your .458 Win Mag full power or down at the velocity limits Rainier sets? Which Rainier bullets are you using in the .458 Win Mag?

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onondaga posted this 15 April 2016>noylj

My .458 WM load with Rainier 350 gr plated bullets is the same load I use with 350 gr cast FNGC bullets.  57.7 gr H4895 plus BPI Original filler and yields 1700 fps muzzle velocity verified.  This is a light load for .458 WM and I tailored it to have 1500 foot pounds at 200 yards for humane harvest of Black Bear to 200 yards. Either load dependably groups 2.1” @ 100 yards from my Colt Sauer Grand African bolt rifle. The FNGCs in #2 Alloy kill better.


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