Mihec is running the prettiest .32 dbl. ended wadcutter you ever saw!

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Dale53 posted this 09 November 2015

To All;Mihec will go into production THIS WEEK, of the prettiest little dbl. ended wadcutter mold you ever saw. They will be offered in a couple of different diameters to fit most guns. The mold price includes shipping! If you are interested, get your order in NOW!http://castboolits.gunloads.com/showthread.php?288650-32-cal-98-grain-WAD-CUTTER-6-cav-Aluminum-mold-MP-Molds-(MiHec)-Group-buy>http://castboolits.gunloads.com/showthread.php?288650-32-cal-98-grain-WAD-CUTTER-6-cav-Aluminum-mold-MP-Molds-(MiHec)-Group-buy This is an unprecedented opportunity to get fast delivery of one of these fine molds! I just had a PM from Miha, himself, confirming production this week! Dale53 

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Dale53 posted this 06 January 2016

UPDATE! I have been notified, payment has been made, and the mold has shipped (Mihec 98 gr. double ended wadcutter). I can hardly wait to get this mold.

It should shoot well in all of my various .32 platforms. Here is the S&W Model 631 (SS 4” barreled target sighted “kit gun” in .32 H&R magnum):


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Dale53 posted this 14 January 2016

I received my mold, today. As usual, it looks a bit like high class jewelry!

I plan to cast 20 lbs. of bullets, tomorrow.

Really looking forward to running this one...


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KyCaster posted this 18 January 2016

Dale,I look forward to following your load development for this mold, saw your posted photos of first casts in the other thread.  I just received my first Mihec mold (45-270-HP), and agree that they are extraordinary.  Mine came with 4 different sets of HP inserts and a set of solid points.KyCaster

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Dale53 posted this 18 January 2016

It may be a while before i shoot these. I have loaded them, but woke up this morning to 9 degrees with a high of 12 degrees as per forecast with 2 degrees tomorrow morning. Brrrr!

I guess i am getting to be a wuss in my old age but that is just too dern cold for me. I have that .45 mold and it is a DANDY!

Stay tuned...


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