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  • Last Post 26 February 2022
DanLH posted this 18 September 2021

Have an excess of 7mm Hornady gas checks and running low on 30 cal. Would like to trade up to 6 sealed boxes of Hornady 7mm gas checks for Hornady 30 cal gas checks in sealed boxes.



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BJung posted this 26 February 2022

Hi Dan,

Do you still have 7mm gas checks and would you be willing to trade a box of them for a box of Sierra 7mm-168 FMJBT bullets? I just checked Midway and the prices between the two are close?


Burbank Jung

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DanLH posted this 26 February 2022

Thanks for the offer, but I have no use for the jacketed bullets, if I get back into shooting 7mm, it will be with cast.

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