Which bullet mold for CZ 527 223 Rem 1-9 twist?

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buttstock posted this 3 weeks ago

I picked up a used CZ 527 "Kevlar Varmint" in 223 Rem.  It has the  factory1-9 twist medium heavy barrel ( barely shot).  I am assembling components for it. I will primarily shoot jacketed bullets with it, but I am curious about shooting cast bullets with it too.

I understand the 1-9 twist will limit my velocity with it.  Yes I understand I can shoot a bit heavier bullet than a 45-55 grain bullet with it.  At some point I would be interested to shoot both gas check and plain base cast bullets with it to  punch holes in targets, but also to take squirrel or woodchuck hunting.  Overall, just to explore how it would do with cast bullets.

For those who have actually worked with a 1-9 twist 223 Rem with cast bullets, what mold,  size diameter, bullet weight has worked for you?   Accuracy results? Loads?



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John Alexander posted this 3 weeks ago

See my article in the Fouling Shot last year about shooting two relative new 22 bullets (Lee and NOE) in fast twist 223 with and without gas checks, for squirrel hunting.


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