Use this to help set your wind flags

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ten-mile posted this 14 September 2021

This is what I use.  With the one I have, I can see the laser spot on the 100 yd backer from the bench.  Put your crosshairs on the target and the laser beam defines your line of bore.  Use a flag to locate the beam.

MidTen Bore Sight kit Green Laser Sight BoreSighter

Best 33 bucks you'll have spent.  The unit is chineese, so yours might not work as well as mine.  Send it back and try another one if you have trouble.  The plastic bore plugs furnished work good enough but I plan to make one from nylon to fit my bore.  As it is, the spot is about 6" off at 100yd.

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ray h posted this 14 September 2021

The same technique works for setting up the chronograph.

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ten-mile posted this 14 September 2021

When I had only skyscreens and no bore laser it was a real struggle to get things right.  That was the incentive to spring for a LabRadar as soon as they came out.

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Wm Cook posted this 15 September 2021

Thanks for the tip about setting flags with it. I walked a lot of miles back and forth from the backer to my bench trying to get everything aligned. An awful lot miles. And a lot of wasted time.

I’v been using my Wheeler for my chronograph alignment and that was a major breakthrough in time savings and chronograph life. It’s one of my favorite tools to get on paper, setting up my Chrony and now I can use it to set up my flags. Thanks again. Bill.

My addiction to gambling starts and ends with me spending $ to try a powder I’ve never shot before.

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Ross Smith posted this 16 September 2021

Obviously knowing nothing about wind flags, are you setting them directly under the bullets path?

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4and1 posted this 16 September 2021

I set my flags, starting with the farthest flag first, just below the target as viewed through the scope. Then working back to the bench, each one is just below the last. That way you have a full view of each flag, none blocking the view of another.

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