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cast posted this 22 May 2017

I have a ruger no 1 in 30-06 and also a Rem 788 in 308

I have to molds 

   Lee C309-180R G.C

   Layman 311291 RN GC

Nether will work in the no1 because the bullet gos tofare into the case

and in the 788 only the lee is able to stay in the neck of the case

what would be a good cast bullet I could use for both


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Bud Hyett posted this 22 May 2017

The RCBS 30-180-SP and the SAECO #315 are a good starting points. I have a Ruger #1 that likes the RCBS bullet, cast of linotype, sized .310, with Reloder #7 powder. 

I have no record of the SAECO for this rifle. 

Farm boy from Illinois, living in the magical Pacific Northwest

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Ross Smith posted this 22 May 2017

Cast: I have a 30-06 Remington 700 1-10 twist. My accuracy really improved when I moved up to 187-210 grain bullets in the bore rider style. Because they fit inside the riflings, they can be seated farther out with the base of the bullet at the shoulder -neck junctionMy molds are Hoch nose pour, 185-.309, 185 .310, a breach seat 200gr., and a 210-.309. All shoot 1 moa with very little effort from me, and usually better. Once again throat size dictates what you need.

I have a lyman mold that is the right style about 195 grain, 2 cavity. It is not quite flat and I get lead leaking between the halves. If you don't mind cleaning it up, you can have it for the postage. I'll be out of town till next weekend. PM me if you want it.  Ross

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R. Dupraz posted this 22 May 2017

I regularly  shoot an "06" and a 7.62x51/ .308 with cast.  And will add the RCBS 30-165-S to the two that Ken recommended. I have all three molds and all are excellent choices for those calibers. Especially the 30-165-S in the .308's short neck.

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Westhoff posted this 22 May 2017

I have an 03-A3 (30-06) and a Savage Model 12BVSS in .308 Win.  In cast bullet competition I shoot Lyman 311299 in both.  When I do my part, I get some pretty good results with both rifles.  Don't know how the 311299 would work in the Ruger No. 1, but would kinda like to have one to play with.


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onondaga posted this 23 May 2017


I load 30-06 Springfield for a 1903A3 and 308 Win. for a Sako Sporter.  Both molds from Lee for the 7.62X39 cast large enough to size for either of my rifles. The heavier one, the Lee C312-160-2R shoots ~1 MOA out of either rifle with H4895 at ~2000-2025 fps.. All my bullets are cast in BHN15 air cooled #2 alloy to match the load level, I warm the bullets and lube and tumble lube lightly 45:45:10 once before size/check at .311 and twice after for both rifles and have an ink checked slide fit on chambering. I seat the bullets to engage the ball seat .010 for both rifles. The .308 particularly likes this bullet.  It is a good target bullet but the pointed nose is poor for hunting. I use a flat nose bullet for hunting Deer.


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onondaga posted this 23 May 2017

I don't understand why you have to seat so deeply for the #1. Either of your bullets should easily be seatable out to engage the leade .010" and have no hang down into the case of a 30-06.  A drop in test with your bullet and measuring for point of contact with bullet  to the lead should verify this. If you don't know how to do that with a dowel or cleaning rod to establish LOA at contact, Just ask, I have pulled that method and posted it many times on the forum. I don't have any trouble seating the Lee 230 gr 300 AAC bullet in the 30-06 or 308 and it is a lot longer than what you have..

If anything, Ruger #1s are long throated and should be fine with any mostly normal bullet in 30 cal. Ruger certainly does not undersize from SAAMI spec.

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GWarden posted this 23 May 2017

I don't have a Ruger #1 in 30 06 , but two other 30 06. The most accurate bullet has been the lyman 311284, and I get the best accuracy sized .311. Frank Marshall; who wrote many great and useful articles for the CBA, said his most accurate load in the 06 was the 311284 bulllet and 21 gr. 4759. I tried that load in my Rem 700 long range rifle, and is has proven to be the most accurate load. Hope there may be some tidbits that will be useful.


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cast posted this 23 May 2017

Thanks for all your help

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giorgio the slim one posted this 23 May 2017

I have a couple of  recent Ruger bolt actions in 308 W  and half a dozen '06 of different  makes and ages(throat wear). Not to speak of the SKS ,the Mosin and the  Enfields.

All of them accept the EdHarris  7,62X 39  160 grains bullet , without  poking the base of the bullet into the  powder space and engrave lightly into the rifling . 

The short lenght of the bullet and the conical nose allows  me to find easily the OAL compatible with each rifle .

Many custom mold makers make  gang molds for this design ,and there is even an economical Lee six round mold .  I am a compulsive  mold collector , and have half a dozen of them . All work .

While i have sold  nearly all the other traditional iron molds where getting the right diameters is like drawing the winning ticket at a lottery .

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