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pondercat posted this 17 May 2019

So, I have been using a few different powders now and seem to be on the right track as to how they work best for me - for coating.  I have coated a couple hundred bullets at this point and those I have fired through a firearm seem to function OK so far.  Of those that I have been able to recover I am finding very little color left on the bullet, but that could be due to "sandpapering" when it hits the dirt and cinders where I shoot.  I need to set up a bullet recovery system      - wet newspaper? - to see how much PC is left on the bullet after firing.  I have done the squash test on several and most pass that fine ( see HF Black), but is that really conclusive at all as to whether it will survive the trip down a rifle barrel. or pistol for that matter. Or does it even matter that much as long as the gun is showing no leading?  I'm thinking about balance - thus accuracy - at longer ranges if more PC  is scraped off of one side of the bullet than the other particularly on faster twist barrels.

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tlkeizer posted this 17 May 2019


Pondercat, if you are going to use newspapers, a source might be your local post office.  Ask them if they have left over newspaper type fliers or adds.  I know our post office gets a lot left over from a monthly add newspaper, and I can get all I want, still bundled.  To check how the bullets compare with various loads, just count the issues and pages the bullets went through.  Good luck.  I hve been interested in your PC venture.


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GP Idaho posted this 17 May 2019

Terry: From what the pictures show, it looks like the bullets are passing the crush test. (except HF black) If you're not getting leading the coating is doing the job. Run some side by side tests with some lubed bullets and see if you're getting any noticeable difference on target. Gp

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pondercat posted this 18 May 2019

Weather permitting (they say it might rain and it will be windy),  Brodie and I are going out Sunday to do some testing and other shooting fun stuff.  Gonna try to recover some of a few different alloys at similar velocities using the soggy papers stop.  

GP - If the wind isn't too bad I might try some accuracy testing, otherwise wait for a better day, I'll have some 45-45-10 lubed on hand in case.

tlkeizer - Thanks for that advice.  Oddly I have never considered the Post Office a source for newspapers, but it makes perfect sense.  They probably discard tons of them. I have access to pretty much unlimited supplies of cardboard at work.  I am going to try to make a bullet recovery system using a couple feet thick of wet cardboard.  Should work.  I'll check with the post office next week and see if that is an option for future tests.

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