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4and1 posted this 09 September 2017

Couple questions on rifle classes. In the world of jacketed benchrest, a heavy gun can't weigh more than 13-1/2 pounds, stock can't be wider than 3", the butt of the stock has to have a taper to it, no scope restrictions. 


With this in mind, what class would this fall into, and given that class, are the weight and stock restrictions the same? Looking to get involved, but need to,know what to build to.

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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 09 September 2017

hi ... welcome to the CBA !!    i am just a lowly plinker so cannot recite the rules ... but i did notice that the rules are found under * matches * in the upper banner of this forum .  i am guessing your rifle would be under * unlimited * .....

i encourage you to compete in this class ... admittedly for selfish reasons ... namely that while most here on this forum send most of our bullets downrange mostly for fun ... also most of us would like to understand how to get improved accuracy .... and i remember way back when i did shoot in competition .... i found that it took a pretty good rig ( maybe a bench rig !! ) to really find out the nitty-gritty of small changes in respect to "" groups "" .

so i am hoping that you continue in the heavy class and especially that you keep us informed of your adventures as you go along --- but no matter which class or even if you decide to join we here simple plinkers such as myself ... you will find that the guys here will be interested in your thoughts and results and very willing to help in any way you need .  just ask .

welcome.   ken

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4and1 posted this 09 September 2017

Thank you Ken, I looked at the by-laws, but didn't find the rifles there. Depending on my rifle weight, the heavy rifle might do it. I have shot jacketed benchrest for years, looking to get into more shooting local to me.


And the casting  interests me, since I make my own jacketed bullets. I know I'll have a long learning curve, but shooting is shooting!


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David Reiss CBA Membership Director posted this 09 September 2017

As Ken said, the match rules are found under the Matches tab at the top of each page. 

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