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MarkinEllensburg posted this 25 November 2018

Now that we are about a month away from the end of 2018 has a schedule for the postal matches of 2019 been made final?

I'm thinking I may enter some this year.

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Tom Acheson posted this 25 November 2018

I sćore a few of the Postal events. Over the years the schedule and rules don't seem to change. What does happen is every now and then a new event is added to the list of possible games to choose from.

Our forum lists some generalities but for complete Postal info contact Mike Kastning, our Postal Director, for a free Postal bulletin.

Maybe Mike will chime in here with any new info.


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longhunter posted this 26 November 2018

I highly recommend shooting some of the matches. If you don't have a club close that has Cast bullet matches it is a way to compete.

I shoot many of the matches and enjoy it a lot. If you have been following this forum there are also some fun match that have come up in the last couple of years.  The Ground hog match and the Coyote match.  Which is still open I think!

These matches get me to the range and shoot more.  Its a lot of fun.



Jon Welda CW5 USA Ret.

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Paul Pollard posted this 26 November 2018


Click on this link, the matches stay the same (most of the time).


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John Alexander posted this 26 November 2018

Like Jon I find the postal matches a good help in getting my butt to the range more often. Also interesting to see what members who are too far away from match locations are doing. Sometimes these unknowns are hard to beat.


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MarkinEllensburg posted this 27 November 2018

Thank you all. I'm looking for something to fill the gap until the outdoor season. Living where I do I have lots of options for outdoor matches all within a 4 hour drive at most.

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MKastning posted this 28 November 2018

Thanks for the Ping to check into this thread.   No major changes to the 2019 lineup, trying to figure out a little tweak to the Break Actions, probably will limit them to the Lever Pump Auto Break match and the #6 as classes of their own still.


Mark, definitely jump into the postals if you can, they are indeed a fun way to raise your match senses a bit when at the range.  It is amazing how things change when the target "counts".


Let me know if I can help at all,



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MarkinEllensburg posted this 29 November 2018

Thanks Mike. I'm hoping to compete in some this year.

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