Planned Obsolescence

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OU812 posted this 09 May 2017

Word of the day is Planned Obsolescence. TV's, Cars and trucks, printer cartridges etc. are intentionally designed for shorter life span.

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TRKakaCatWhisperer posted this 10 May 2017

Hmmmmm.  I remember when you could get 10,000 miles on a set of tires and if you were really careful with it maybe 100,000 on a car.


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Goatwhiskers posted this 10 May 2017

An interesting read that could generate endless discussion.  As far as vehicles I well remember when a car with 75K miles was for all practical purposes worn out, whereas modern vehicles IF routine mainintenance is performed can easily last 2 or  3 times that long dependably.  Trouble is average people drive 'em till they break, then OMG the price of the parts!  Thing that really gets me is all this modern electronic gadgetry where the programming or operating system becomes obsolete and the maker abandons the comsumer.  Don't even try to get your TV fixed, parts cost more than the original unit, throw it away.  Stoves, washers, dryers all have computer controls and nobody can work on 'em.  I better shut up, this is turning into a rant and it ain't good for someone with guns to get excited.  GW

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