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joeb33050 posted this 30 October 2018

One of my M10 38 spl pistols shoots to ~ center. The other shoots about 5" low and left at 25 yards. Should I file the sights, or bend the barrel? I've got a BIG vice!


joe b. 

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max503 posted this 30 October 2018

I'll put aluminum tape on the side of the front sight of a stainless gun to move POI left or right.  It stays on better than you would think and works well.  Should work on blued guns too.  Tennessee Elevation works for up/down adjustments.cool

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BigMan54 posted this 30 October 2018

I have an old COLT OFFICIAL POLICE that shot 3" low & 1" right with std .38spl 158gr load.

I just switched to  170gr bullet with a light charge of Bullseye,  solved both problems.

Filing a front sight is something I've done, I've even bent the front sight on a Colt SAA clone or two with padded pliers when I was younger and stupid. Worked for two, third busted the blade right off. Glued it back on with Super glue. Still there, after 30yrs,  still shots straight, miracles do happen.

Bending a barrel is just too frightening a prospect for me. But I would take care of windage first. If you fix that it may take of elevation too.

When I bought a Speed-Six 2 3/4" bbl back in the late 1970's. It shot 3-4" left. My DAD punched out the roll pin and pulled off the front blade. He then filed one  side of the top of the blade, not touching the base that fit into the ramp. He reblued the sight and pinned it back in place. The revolver shot to POA at 25yds.

My DAD could do anything with a ShopSmith, a vise and a good set of files. 

His son inherited none of those abilities. 


What the heck is Tennessee wind/elevation ?



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Ed Harris posted this 30 October 2018

First I would try a heavier bullet.  In revolvers heavier bullets shoot high, lighter bullets shoot low.

Differences in recoil also affect right or left point of impact.

If you are already shooting 158-grain ammo and gun is shooting low, measure from bottom of barrel to top of front sight, then

calculate how much needs to come off the front sight using the expression X = RE/D where 

X is the amount to be taken off the front sight

R is the sight radius

E is the error between point of hold and point of impact, and 

D is the target distance.


Windage is corrected by turning the barrel a wee bit in the frame to move the front sight in the opposite direction

of where you want to move the point of impact.  Use the same expression above to determine correction needed.



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