Lee auto prime broke....again.

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JeffinNZ posted this 12 July 2022

So......I bought a replacement BUT also did a number on the original.  A piece of aluminium either side of the broken lever and 1/2 a yard of JB Weld.  

Cheers from New Zealand

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David Reiss posted this 13 July 2022

I switched over to the Franklin Arsenal model, comes with everything you need, easy to use and built like a tank.


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Aaron posted this 13 July 2022

I have a box of Lee Auto Prime parts. The RCBS is too fat for my hand. I'm with David, get the Frankford Arsenal version.

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DanLH posted this 14 July 2022

Here's my fix, I have done two of them and it keeps them going.

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barra posted this 15 July 2022

Build rough to take it tough.

No problems ever.

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