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the_buckshot_kid posted this 25 June 2017

Hi all... Just started casting with LBT molds. I'm loading Veral's .44 cal 260gr wfn bullet over Alliant 2400. Anyone load his bullets before? What would be a good start point and max charge?

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Larry Gibson posted this 25 June 2017

Start at 16 gr Alliant 2400 and work up to 20.0 gr. At 20 gr in Winchester cases using a Fed 150 primer under a 265 gr cast I measured the psi right at the SAAMI MAP (35k psi).


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BigMan54 posted this 25 June 2017


Those are GREAT LOADS. I use 20grs of 2400 behind a SAECO #432 - 265GR FPGK for a heavy load down to 15grs of 2400 for a lighter load.

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Eutectic posted this 25 June 2017

20 gr of 2400 would be a good maximum to work up to with your LBT bullet. 2400 always worked best for me at maximum loads. Light loads of 2400 may leave unburned kernels which can tie up a DA revolver, not a problem with a SA.  If i want a bit less velocity 12.0 gr Power Pistol gives 1250 fps and 9.0 gr gives 1000 fps with 250 gr #429421, excellent accuracy and clean burning. I have probably shot 9 moderate magnum loads for every full house load.


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Ed Harris posted this 25 June 2017

All good advice.  I use 16 grs. of Alliant #2400 with the similar Saeco #430 in my Marlin 1894S in .44 Magnum and also in a Beretta Model 412 folding shotgun for which I had John Taylor make a 26" .44 Magnum barrel.  I've seen no need for a heavier load, because there is nothing here big enough to eat 'cha.

For a lighter .44 Magnum revolver load which gives good field performance, but with lighter recoil more like a heavy .45 Colt load, I really like 7 grains of Bullseye with any bullet from 200-270 grains.  K.I.S.S. principle.


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