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Tombstone posted this 15 September 2022

I'm ready to get stated in casting and have a question. I've read and researched as much as I can and I'm wondering about opinions from folks who have been casting. I can't decide between an RCBS or a Lyman sizer/luber. Any advice on these two would be greatly appreciated. Also, am I correct that sizing dies and top punches are interchangeable between these two brands? can you mix brands between the two, such as an RCBS sizer and a Lyman top punch? Thanks in advance for any info and help.

Well, my first post and it looks to me like I've posted my questions in the wrong category. Admin, please feel free to move it to the luber/sizer one. Sorry, I'll try to do better next time.

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Little Debbie posted this 15 September 2022

I’ve had both and greatly prefer the RCBS compared to the Lyman for quality and ease of use. The sizing dies and top punches are interchangeable and I use both RCBS and Lyman with complete satisfaction. My choice in sizing dies is based on what size I can get, not who made the dies. Used dies are always for sale on EBay too. You didn’t mention the Saeco sizer which I think is better than either the RCBS or Lyman. Sizers and top punches do not interchange and they are more expensive and harder to find than RCBS or Lyman. If I was just starting out I’d consider one. I have one now but have limited sizers and top punches.

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Shuz posted this 15 September 2022

I have not used an RCBS lubrisizer, but I have used both the Lyman and the Saeco. Between these two, I much prefer the Lyman due to the ease of changing dies and the cost of dies. As Little Debbie mentioned, the RCBS and Lyman H &I dies are interchangeable, another thing to consider. Perhaps another method to consider is the Lee method of pushing the boolit up from the bottom. You have to lube these when done or as I have been experimenting with lately, powder coat them. If you powder coat, no lubrisizer is necessary.

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Aaron posted this 15 September 2022

I use both the Lyman and RCBS. Size dies are interchangeable but I must confess I prefer the Lyman size die due to the two holes for lube. The Lyman sizer comes with an insert to heat it too.

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RicinYakima posted this 15 September 2022

 If you have a friend that is a machinist, try to find one the is straight; ram and die. Avoid early Lyman dies, pre-1960, as they have no tapered leade but a sharp should the cuts the sides of the bullet. All the RCBS H&I dies are good. 

Have two RCBS lube/sizers that get the most use, but also have a SAECO/Cramer that is only used for my rifle match bullets. 

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TRKakaCatWhisperer posted this 16 September 2022

I ahve a couple of both brands.  RCBS is MY preference.  Both work.

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Rich/WIS posted this 16 September 2022

Have had Lyman, RCBS and SAECO and still have RCBS and Lyman.  The ergonomics of the SAECO did not work for me, but it was a good machine.  The newer RCBS with the T handle pressure screw I found awkward and modified the machine to use a ratchet type handle.  The RCBS is also more of a PITA to add lube to versus the Lyman. As far as sizing and lubing they both do equally well. If you get the RCBS you will need a 15/16 wrench for the die lock nut and a set of channel locks are handy for the screw on the nut over the reservoir. The Lyman comes with the wrench for the sizing die lock nut.

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Eutectic posted this 16 September 2022

I have both the Lyman and the SAECO. The SAECO gets used the most. The SAECO has a spring  in the lube feed, you only have to adjust the lube pressure every ~10 bullets. The alignment of the top punch with the die is adjustable in the SAECO. The SAECO has a nice gas check seater function.

New size dies for either are of equal quality. The SAECO top punch is unique and cannot be used on a Lyman or RCBS.  

As for used equipment on Ebay - Stay Away. Return guarantee is an absolute requirement but still it is a huge hassle. AMHIKT! Some of the old sizers should be in a museum. It is easy to damage the sizing dies, Exterior pictures show NOTHING about the inside. I will not buy anything I cannot personally test. 

Good luck with your choice.


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