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tdoyka posted this 06 December 2022

when my dad died, he had a TC Contender in a 14" factory muzzle brake in 7x30 Waters. now it is mine and i don't have issue with 7x30 Waters...i loathe the muzzle brake!!!! so i was going put to on a 10" barrel in 45 Colt, but i thought a 357 Herrett would be the bee's knees. so i bought a TC Contender 10" barrel in 30 Herrett from an auction. 




i got like 400 new pcs of 30-30 starline brass (i bought 500 pcs for the 35/30-30) and they are in my drawer, waiting. now i'm on the lookout for 30 Herrett dies. i about choked when i seen the price of jacketed bullets. sheesh, i'll use cast boolits, thank you very much.


the 10" barrel comes with open sights and i will see if i can use them. my eyes ain't what they used to be. (nearsightedness but i have prescription glasses)


i was cruisin' around on e-don't-say-it-y and i bought a cheap set of old Lee 30 Herrett dies, it was either that or buy new dies for $100.


i'll use it to hunt close cover deer (150lbs +/-), 60 yards and under (30-40yards is average). i am thinking of hollow point and since i don't have a mold, i think i'll buy the boolits.  the 30 Herrett will shoot a 130gr gc hp or a 150gr gc rnhp boolits. i'll load it at 1700-1900fps. 


would you either choose the 130gr or the 150gr?


30 caliber 130 grain gas check hollow point lead bullets [30-130-HP-GC-309] - $19.14 : GT Bullets!, Fine Hand Cast Lead Bullets


30 caliber 150 grain gas check hollow point lead bullets [30-150-HP-309-rifle] - $20.80 : GT Bullets!, Fine Hand Cast Lead Bullets

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Bud Hyett posted this 06 December 2022

The 150 grain bullet would be the better choice, penetration and possibly accuracy.

I've used Reloder #7 in the .30 Herrett for good velocity and accuracy.  

Farm boy from Illinois, living in the magical Pacific Northwest

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tdoyka posted this 06 December 2022

i'm sorta leaning towards the 150gr for the penetration. i have about 6 or 7lbs of Rel 7. it is my number one choice for the 20 Vartarg, 30-40 Krag, 35/30-30, 444 Marlin.....

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Fitzpatrick posted this 06 December 2022

My 30 Herett will handle 185 gr flat nose very well , If you do a chamber cast I would bet that you have a ton of Freebore, throat, leade, what ever you want to call it in which to seat the bullet way out of the case . 

And like Bud said reloader #7 is a good powder for here,

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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 06 December 2022

... most all commercial casters use " hardball " alloy ... ( 92-6-2 )  i guess to minimize shipping damage ...

you might consider asking some of the CBA guys here to cast you a few hundred 30 cal flat nose hunting bullets of  SOFTER alloy, which will upset better on game .

at least whack a commercial bullet with a hammer to see how it might expand. 

that said, i have had great luck with Badmans Bullets .. good service and high quality castings ...  i buy plinking bullets in 30 cal ... sinful I know ... but something about opening a box of 500 beautiful bullets .. ready to load ...  a kid at Christmas all over again.

just some thoughts ...  ken

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tdoyka posted this 07 December 2022

 GT Bullets uses 94 lead 3 tin 3 antimony. i always used 16:1 and Lyman #2 with a splash of tin. i never used antimony.

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