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Aaron posted this 6 days ago

Due in part to an inventory glitch, I loaded up my very first powder coated bullets this evening. I purchased them online with Badman Bullets due to their product availability and customer service. These PC bullets were substituted for the bullets I actually wanted to try out but after seeing them, I am looking forward to testing these out. I still haven't crossed the line yet to make my own flavored bullets but I have learned to never say never.

While looking up a good 357 Mag load, I decided to try and use up older stock powders. Take a look at the price of this Accurate Arms, Made in Israel, manufactured in 1990 powder. Look at the PRICE from a LGS that used to gouge the customers! Good Lord. This powder is 32 years old. It will work just as well today as when it was made.

My cherry flavored 357 Magnum pills.

The last of my AA#9 powder.


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delmarskid posted this 6 days ago

I loved their surplus 5744

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Aaron posted this 3 days ago

Wondering how these Badman Polymer Coated Bullets would shoot, I loaded them atop 12.0gr of AA#9 and sparked them off with a CCI-550 SPM primer. I shot them out of a 6.5" Ruger Blackhawk 357 Magnum. At 25 yards with open sights, offhand, casually shooting to verify basic compatibiity, these rascals shoot a 2" group with EASE. There was no leading or anything else in the barrel with the exception of AA#9 residue. The bore cleaned out with two wipes of a solvent saturated swab. Same for the cylinder.

That flyer is from what is probably an undersized cylinder mouth at .356" rather than .3575" like its siblings. For some unknown reason one mouth is different. You would think all reamers are changed at the same time.

I will have to rethink my position regarding flavored bullets. These performed exceptionally well. I am impressed and acknowledge my prejudice against them is based on ignorance, not experience. I have learned. Rather than invest in powder coating cooters, I will probably continue using traditional bullet lubes. I will however set aside some space on the bullet shelves for some more of Patrick's Badman Bullets.

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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 3 days ago

BadMan's Bullets ... i have been using his plain based and lubed bullets for plinking in my 30 cals or several years ...  30-06, 308, 300 Savage ... great quality and service .

something sinful about finding 500 bullets ready to load just by opening a box.  oh, and writing a check .. that too ... but i have buying casting lead for a few years anyway  ...



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