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John Carlson posted this 01 March 2019

As some of you know, several years back a group of North country shooters took a break from their rocket science studies and proposed a mid-winter shooting match at Dakota Benchrest outside Sioux Falls, SD.  I'm not familiar with the details but the Korean war battle of the Chozin Reservoir was somehow involved and the match acquired the name "Frozin Chozin" (not absolutely sure on the spelling) and the firearm of choice was the M1 Garrand.  Over the years the match has slid a bit later in the year, I guess the suffering isn't as important any more.

This year's match was originally scheduled for March 16th but the weather has dictated that we move it to the 23rd.  While the match emphasizes the Garrand, other military classes are welcome, space permitting.  Entry fee is $5 or $8 if shooting 2 relays.  Shooters who are not members of Dakota Benchrest are required to pay a $5 guest fee.  Shooting to commence at 10:00 am.  Depending on weather and level of interest we may continue with a second relay.


John Carlson. CBA Director of Military Competition.

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JeffinNZ posted this 01 March 2019

John, I have amended the date on the CBA web site for you.

Cheers from New Zealand

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Tom Acheson posted this 06 March 2019

Our club’s first match like this was 2014. So the 2019 match was our 16th consecutive one. I’ve shot it every year starting in 2006. This latest one was on Sat. 16 Feb. At the start (90) it was -1 and when we finished it +9 degrees. There were 21 shooters. This is a 3-position match, following an NRA format, all at 100-yards, 50-rounds total. Due to shooter age and heavy clothing, we started each stage from the position, not standing and dropping down at the whistle.

The favored gun is the Garland but a few M-1Carbines show up also. It is NOT a cast bullet only thing. This is the only time I use jacketed bullets. But it is a great shooting experience.


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Tom Acheson posted this 06 March 2019

Correction.....the first one was 2004.

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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 06 March 2019

... i trained with one back at ft. leonard wood ... we didn't call them nice names like garrand or garland though .... 

much more colorful ... drained




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