BS-Changing case brand/headstamp

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joeb33050 posted this 12 August 2018

Changing case brand/headstamp

Some spend a lotta $ on Lapua or Norma or ? brass, hoping that more $ = smaller groups. Since I’ve never seen test results supporting this hope, this goes on the bottom of the spectrum for now.

Threshold: I use lots of same-he3adstamp brass, don't know2 if this makes a difference, or where. 

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Brodie posted this 12 August 2018

Back in my early 20's I was shooting a lot of 3006 with jacketed bullets.  Once to prove it to myself, I sorted all my assorted brass by head stamp and weight.  I found a significant reduction in group size, from 2.5 to 3 inches, down to 1.25 inches in weight sorted brass.  I did not keep it up as I was shooting mostly offhand practice, and figured that I could not personally hold my offhand groups small enough to see a difference in weight sorted and head stamp sorted brass.  In other words it was just too much trouble to keep it all separate.

As usual Joe has hit the nail on the head with his BS lists.  Especially the shooter list.  Unfortunately, the truth of these lists makes us admit or realize that we aren't near as good as we thought we were, and our excuses are just smoke in the wind, or a bad smell in the wind.  Take your pick.


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