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Buttersdad posted this 3 weeks ago

Some people think that having money is a main concern, and I'm not disputing that money is important. But, I am saying I think having a friend or friends who care is the gold standard.

I have been waiting 24 years to have a chance to get to hunt deer again. Where I live, if one doesn't either own their own timber or have a family member who does, you will be paying at least $1500 to hunt for a weekend. (3 days) I have been talking deer hunting, among other subjects, for years with our best friends who live in Missouri just 10 miles from us. A couple weeks ago my friend asked if I had actually served in the Army, to which I replied yes. Understand that this guy is a real jokester. He and his family offered me not only a spot to hunt this year but to pay the non-resident cost for the tags to thank me for my service, something we can't afford due to rising cost of living. This almost brought tears to my eyes. I'm not one to take advantage of friendship so it took some consideration, but after talking further with him he convinced me to take advantage of the opportunity.

So, for the first time in 24 years I have the opportunity to harvest possibly 3 deer and fill our freezer. In Illinois, up until this year we could only hunt with shotgun during IL firearm season. So for the first time I will get to use one of my rifles for deer, and after zeroing I'll be using my own reloads. 180 grain Hornady Interlock round soft points with 48 grains of Reloader 17 behind them.

I thank God for the best friend I have ever had on this earth. I just wanted to share, he's the type who would be offended if I shared with someone who knows us so I wouldn't do that.

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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 3 weeks ago

to coin a phrase >> " that is the way things ought to be " ...

ken in * still free * Iowa

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Bud Hyett posted this 3 weeks ago

When I lived in Illinois, many members of my family still farmed. We traded hunting coyotes in return for hunting deer.

The coyotes came strong in the late 1970's working the pig crops. With an open year-around season for coyote, this was good practice. And we knew that pathways of the deer come Fall.

This was Western Illinois in Mercer and Rock Island counties on the bluffs of the Mississippi. We had two Savage 99's, Jeff had a .243 and mine was a .250-3000.  

Farm boy from Illinois, living in the magical Pacific Northwest

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Ross Smith posted this 3 weeks ago

Could't be happier for you Bud.

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Qc Pistolero posted this 3 weeks ago

When I was young,my father used to tell me that I had too many fingers to count the number of real friends I'll have during my whole life;and I used to not believe him.Now nearing the end of my own life,I know he spoke the truth.

Real friends are those who step forward in dire times and don't ask to be rewarded for it.

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Buttersdad posted this 2 weeks ago

I actually have looked back over my life, and tried to see who my true friends are. I have had several people in my life that I have called best friends, and each one was at that time in my life, no doubt. The first and most important is the young lady who shares my life with me and our kids and that will never change, she truly is and always will be my best friend on earth, only surpassed by my Lord and Savior Jesus.

Beyond them I feel I have actually only had a handful of true friends and this man and his family are at the top of that list. But it is very interesting to go back and revisit those days of my youth and remember those who I called friends and the times we had.

Thanks to all of you for posting and I hope other than the Lord and a spouse, you each have at least one friend like this family I've mentioned. Oh! By the way, I also count you folks in my list of friends, thanks for listening/reading! May God bless each one.

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Buttersdad posted this 6 days ago

Well I guess I'm getting some karma from past mistakes or something. I went to the hunting blind on the 12th for opening day, saw two small bucks that weren't legal. When I came out I had a missed call from the wife. I called her and she informed me that after I left at 4:00 someone came by and stabbed all 4 tires on her van and our sons car. So I spent the next 3 days trying to get tires on one of them so they would both have wheels for work, and dealing with the Insurance company. Hunted again on 16th and 17th, I actually saw one on the 17th that was legal but I couldn't tell until it was behind a small tree and standing head on to me so I missed him. On Friday the 18th I became aware I had the flu so no hunt. On the 19th I lost taste and smell and realized I had picked up covid instead of flu. So, today is the last day of the either sex season and I'm finally getting over covid.


So at this point I'm praying I will get at least one doe, if not two, to put in the freezer. I'm not concerned whether I get a buck or doe so the good Lord willing I can harvest at least one in December. The good thing is, by then I'll be well over this virus. Oh well if I am meant to get one it will happen.

As for the tires, there's no point in getting angry when you don't know who to get angry with.

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