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Glenn R. Latham posted this 03 April 2020

 I recently acquired an 8mm Mauser, a 24/47 from a friend.  He decided he needed a 22 target rifle worse, and I didn't have an 8mm in my milsurp collection yet, so it all worked out.  Included in the deal were moulds for the Lee 175 gr. RN and the Lee 8mm Karabiner.  As cast and sized to .325", both bullets seated deeper in the case than I would like, the Karabiner a LOT deeper.  The nose of the 175 mics .313" and the Karabiner, .321".  A pound cast showed the bore diameter to be about .311", so I thought why not shove the bullets nose first into a .311" lubrisizer die and see what happens.  The initial test with the 175 showed promise so I made a top punch that the base of the bullet slips into and which stops against the top of the lubrisizer die to control depth of nose sizing.  Both bullets now seat the same depth in the case, right to the base of the neck.  Initial shooting tests showed 10-shot groups of 3-4" at 100 yards, which is probably as good as these 64 year old eyes can do with those military sights.  After this lockdown I'll have to try more loads.

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Glenn R. Latham posted this 03 April 2020

After posting this I thought the sized bullet looked longer.  It is, .030"! 


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JeffinNZ posted this 04 April 2020

If you make sure all the lube grooves are full prior to sizing to .311 the structure of the bullet will be preserved better.  I size a .280 down to .268 like that.

Cheers from New Zealand

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