The Load and the Sabot

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jimkim posted this 12 June 2011

I finally broke down and ordered a chronograph. Once I get it in, I'm going to load some 7.62x51mm rounds using 13.0gr Red Dot and a 55gr .223 SP. Does anybody want to guess what velocity I'll get shooting these out of a 93 Mauser with a 17” barrel?  The person with the closest guess wins some homemade chili powder.

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jr460 posted this 12 June 2011

1700 fps

1000 yards easy

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tturner53 posted this 12 June 2011

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gee-gaw posted this 12 June 2011

1500-1550 FPS I think a feller ought to have a 50 FPS spread! Wayne

PS do an average of 10 rounds, please

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gunarea posted this 14 June 2011

                                    This is a trick question, right????

   C'mon now Jim, you put in the clues but have made them a bit vague. Using the gray or red sabot? How much chili powder we talking?

     Oh hell, I guess around         2650fps.  That's with consistant powder stacking.  

   Looking forward to your results


Shoot often, Shoot well

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jimkim posted this 14 June 2011

I'll be using the gray ones. I guess if you win I'll have to send you some cinnamon. I wouldn't want you to end up in the hospital.

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jimkim posted this 22 June 2011

I will be testing this weekend.

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codarnall posted this 22 June 2011

Here are some loads I tested with sabots. I suspect most folks won't be able to duplicate.
The first thing I noticed that the bullets must have a flat base and seat deep in the sabot. Otherwise, the bullet will keyhole right out of the barrel. All bullets are 30 caliber. The test rounds were govt TW54 to set up, with 650gr ball ammo. Three shot Chrono'd 2744,2650 and 2606 at 75 yards. Slowing down as the barrel warmed.

Sabot tests: The next loads were with 4350. Chrono was set at 15 feet as the were disappearing and obviously key-holing(kh) 245 gr. 190gr BT 3877fps kh. 256 gr 165gr 4359,4304fps at 10 yrds 250 gr 165gr 3414fps measured at 75 yards. 230 gr 190gr 3443fps 15 ft kh

230 gr 4831 190 bt 3443 kh powder too slow.

The most accurate was the 150 flat base spire pt with 246 gr 4350 and the chrono was tired.

I have been threatening to go with a Lyman 311466 with Kirksite at about 70 gr in the sabot but I haven't had time.



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jimkim posted this 24 June 2011

Anyone else want to guess. I'll give y'all till 12 noon(EST) tomorrow.

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.41 magnum posted this 24 June 2011

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delmarskid1 posted this 25 June 2011

1350 and I'd rather have boiled peanuts.

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jimkim posted this 25 June 2011

Gunarea wins. The avg was 2529.77fps. I guess I'll be sending you a few cinnamon sticks Roy.

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