using candle wax for lube

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Savage99 posted this 12 March 2010

I have about 50 lbs of “regular” wax that I used for making candles, (Christmas presents) and the various color cubes. I was thinking of making my own lube with 50 % candle wax and 50% Crisco. Then use a pie pan and stand the bullets up (after being sized) in there and then pour this concoction in and let it harden, then pop them out. I melt the wax in an old metal coffee pot on the stove with a temp probe. This wax melts at around 140 degrees. What do you folks think of this procedure?

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Vassal posted this 12 March 2010

I can't comment on the Crisco part, but I have not had much luck with Pan Lubing. A lot of guys do it, but when I try I get way too many failures. I CAN comment on using candle wax with SPG. I mix it 2-1 (SPG2 - wax1) and get a lube of a very nice texture (for lubing by hand then using a Lee sizer anyway.) Works for me!

Good luck with the experiments. Tell us how it went!

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CB posted this 12 March 2010

The thing I pan lube are the maxi balls for front stuffers. the rest I do via my Star Sizer or the occassional Lee Lube sizer method.

As far as using Crisco, I have not used that for anything besides cooking.

You would be better off adding Carnauba wax to your candle wax and maybe some Alox or Xlox or Alox 350.

Just my thoughts, Jerry

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hunterspistol posted this 12 March 2010

   You can get carnuba by using Johnson's Paste Wax and cutting it with some mineral spirits. There's several lube recipes, such as Felix lube, on the Cast Boolits Website.


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tturner53 posted this 13 March 2010

99, the lube idea will work but will not be that great for upper velocity stuff. Just about anything you can get to stay in the lube grooves might work for light practice or plinker loads. It's when you start getting particular about accuracy, speed, and cleanliness that it gets more critical. I've been making lubes this last week, using proven recipes. If you get a chance go to Sacramento Beekeeping Supply downtown and get a couple lbs. of beeswax, it works way better than candle wax. Crisco is commonly used in BP lubes.

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runfiverun posted this 13 March 2010

the wax will work as a carrier. you need a carrier a lube and sometimes a binder. lithium stearate,sodium stearate,moly,carnuba,jojoba,alox/xlox,and lanolin are all useful lubes. and the stearates are good binders also. castor oil is a good lube but needs a plasticizer to work well ans stay in the pores of your carrier. lubes like lanolin will change your out come by making the lube tackier yet more pliable. carnuba will harden your lube but can make it brittle if too much is used. i'd look on the net for emmerts lube or juniors 411 if you decide to use what you have,i'd also look at mixing with bees wax. btw there is parafin wax and micra-parafin wax knowing which you have would help in making the decision on lube and binder choices.and outcomes

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CB posted this 13 March 2010

I buy most of my Carnauba and other stuff from Candle shops. The Alox I use comes from a guy on eBay. I have a couple of sources of Beeswax.

Many people like Johnson's Paste Wax as a lube, but I don't like the stuff as a lube.

There are many threads on this forum about bullet lubes and how to make them, a great deal of research and trial and error test are listed, this will save people a lot of time to read them.

What works for me, may not work for you, if you find a recipe for bullet lube that works for you, make a lot of it. Plus write down every thing you did to make your lube..


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303Guy posted this 15 June 2010

there is parafin wax and micra-parafin waxWhat's the difference and how does one know which is which?

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JSH posted this 15 June 2010

Parafin I believe is a petroleum product of sorts? I try to stay away from them myself. I tried a few store bought lubes and was not happy with the reults at the days end. Black sticky residue=tar. I have been making my own FWFL with excellent results. Have shot slow to 2000+ fps with no issues.

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colfi posted this 08 July 2010

I have found candle wax to be pretty useless in both my M/L and cartridge rifles. I have settled on a 50/50 mix of beeswax and used dripping, cooking fat, It lubes very well and I have yet to get and leading in any of my rifle.

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JSH posted this 08 July 2010

when subjected to high heat and pressures, petro turns to tar sooner or later.

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1kshooter posted this 21 July 2010

JSH, would you share your recipe for your lube? sounds like what I am after for my 45-70 loads between 1000-1800fps thanks Jonathan

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JSH posted this 21 July 2010

johnathan, do a search on felix world famous lube= FWFL. Can be made in small and large batches. I have used it in smokless rifle and pistol and ZERO problems. Or at least any problems I attribute to lube issues,lol. I did give a “glob” of it to a black powder shooter friend of mine and he know uses the stuff too. If you can't find the FWFL recipe let me know and i will point you in the right direction. Jeff

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Reg posted this 21 July 2010

Found using a “candle ” type wax ( parafin ) did work well in light .38 and .45 target loads but settled on using bees wax as it seems to stay in the grooves better. Most rifle bullets are driven at higher velocities and do need a better lube usually containing alox. You will find pan lubing slow if you shoot a lot of pistol bullets but it does work well. I pan lube all rifle bullets and anything else I want to hold the tightest T.I.R. on.

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CB posted this 22 July 2010

Since I make lube I will offer some insight. Paraffin or micro paraffin wax are petroleum based and will turn into a gunk like black tar. It also burns readily. Beeswax is a much better base for a lube. As for your 50/50 crisco/paraffin lube, that is similar to SPG lube that BP shooters use. We have several threads here on homemade lubes and a search will give you a bunch of results.

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1kshooter posted this 22 July 2010

Thanks Jeff I am searching right now!

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kcajeel posted this 27 February 2017

Anyone have a recipe for Dell 59C lube?



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Paul Pollard posted this 27 February 2017

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mike morrison posted this 27 February 2017

in the past I have used candle wax and toilet bowl ring from the plumbing store. mix to suit. works for pistol loads.

high pressure rifle probably want something else.

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