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chboats posted this 01 June 2009

Does any one have experience with Rex powders?>

With the current powder availabilities I am exploring all possibilities.  Rex II appears to be similar to Green Dot or PB.  The biggest thing it is available and not very expensive $11/12 per pound in large quantities.  Rex III is similar to Unique but not as available as Rex II.


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tturner53 posted this 02 June 2009

boats, sorry, can't give you any advice on Rex powder, but I thought maybe you could try it out and let us know how it goes? You can't never have too much powder.

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devin1955 posted this 03 June 2009

These guys sell it, and they appear to be open to communication, see their “contact us” link. -Don

"Hello, and welcome to our website! If you need to contact us about anything, whether its about a purchase, inventory or you just want to know how many grains of Rex powder I'm using, please email or call. If you need a “voice” answer, put your return # in the email and I'll get back to you real quick. Thanks, from us at Connie's... "

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72coupe posted this 07 June 2009

I bought 10 pounds of Rex1 for $107.50 from the local 4H club. They decided not to use it. I have used it in 8X56 Hungarian (12 grains of Rex1 with a 220 grain Lee gas check), 7.62X54 Russian (12 grains of Rex1 with a 180 grain Seco), 30/06 (12 grains of Rex1 with a 120 grain Lee gas check.

Accuracy with the 8X56 and the 7.62 Russian were good, 3 inches at 100 yards with the iron sights from sling supported prone position.

The 30/06 load was not as good about 7 inches.

The 30/06 load with Red Dot does shoot less than 3 inches out of my 03A3.

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CB posted this 08 June 2009

I use 12.5 gr. Rex 2 in my 41 Swiss with all wt. bullets, It seems to take up more space in the case and shoots just as good as Unique, Joe

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chboats posted this 09 June 2009

Thanks for the input. I was hopping for some feedback before I buy a large quantity. It seems that 8 lbs is the smallest that it come in.


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chboats posted this 11 June 2009

The first test looks promising.  I was able to get a small quantity of Rex II from a friend to try.  I loaded some 30-06 with 13Gr of Rex II with RCBS 180SP that weigh 175gr and CCI LRPs.  The gun is a 7.25lb Rem 700 with a 22 inch barrel. At 100 yards I fired 3 rounds to get it on the paper.  The attached photo is the next 10 rounds.  The second 10 shot group opened up to 2 1/4 inches.  I then ran a couple of ER soaked patches through it and let it cool off, not that it was very hot.  The last 10 round group was 1 1/2 inches.  This is as good of accuracy as I have gotten out this rifle with CBs.  Jacketed will put 3 in 1/2 inch but 5 are always 1 to 1 1/4 inches.  Looks like I need to order some Rex II while it lasts.  I don't know what the velocity is but when I shot at the 400yd gong on the side of a steep hill side the bullet hit 12ft short.>

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CB posted this 21 June 2009

Its a 2.2 lb. can for Like $22.00

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giorgio de galleani posted this 22 June 2009

I have already shot my weight   in REX powders

REX powder III is a little slower than unique I use it in bottleneck rifle cartridges,and is very accurate. We call it green box rex

Magnum rifle primers,or Winchester large rifle primers,no fillers.

Lee measure ,double disk .88x2 in the 308w and 303 br. bullet weight 170 to 220 grs.

.95 x2 in the '06 with the Harris Kala Nei bullet ,around 165 grains ,clocks at 1500 good to 300 meters.

I use it in the 375H&H and 458 Lott

I make great pistol cartridges with the  RED box rex N°I and the Blue BOx N° 0,

they are faster powders ,use the Bullseye starting loads.Be aware that the powder weight is only one of the many factors of the cartridge pressure.

look    http://>  

home page articoli polveri  REX PLO 21  You can see the colour of the boxes and the various numbers of them.

I only used one box of Yellow Box Rex N°II ,I did not like it you need more powder to achieve the same speed you can get with RED & BLUE:in pistol loads.

The only real defect of theese powders is that that their granules are practically identical in shape and colour, keep only one can on the loading table at a time.




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chboats posted this 22 June 2009


Thanks for the input.

I have a couple of questions: Are magnum primers necessary for reliable burn? Have you tried Yellow box (Rex II) in bottle neck calibers?

Rex I and II are the most available here but I have to buy them in a 25 pound box. I have tried Rex II in a 30-06 with a few test loads with good results. Even at half the price of other powders the more input I get the better I will feel about investing in that much powder.

Thanks Carl

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giorgio de galleani posted this 23 June 2009

Yes,magnum primers or Winchester large rifle primers ignite the powder better in low density loads.So I can avoid the use of fillers.

Here are my recipes from my loading log book. Approach them with great care,starting 20 % below.

REX II 11.2 grains  1300 fps Lyman  250 grains cow boy bullet  ONLY in A MARLIN CARBINE:

Rex II 38-55 10 gr saeco gc 250 grains  bullet 1270 fps UBERTI's Highwall

rex II 9mm steyr  5.4 grs Lee 130 TC tumble lube  1100 fps  colt 911

REX II 9x21   4.4 gr  Lee 130 TL  900  fps Browning HP

357 mag,38 brass,Lyman 200 gr roundnose unpublishable load,but launched bowling pins from the table into the sky ,with a big S&W mod.27.

303 british,9.3 gr Harris bullet 1300 fps. SMLE N°4

I think you can make do with Yellow  REX II in bottleneck rifle cartridges,shooting at 100 yards.

In Italy we have 1  KILO boxes and I buy N°I and III,

For  rifle shooting  at longer distances,even a big keg of REX   III  would be a wise buy.

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vicbar posted this 29 January 2010

per Giorgio De Galleani

Hi, I see that you are using the rex verde to load the 303 british. How many grains do you use for a 174 gr bullet. BTW your address on cannetonanti seem to be out of date. thanks for the reply

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giorgio de galleani posted this 01 February 2010

Dear VICBAR,during the recent  black out of the forum I have replied to your question.

I use the Lee double disk measure,and load .95 x2 that is around 13.5 grains in the 30-06,

.88x2  12.6 grains in the .303br and 308Win,and 7x57mauser

and 88+95 in the other  miltary calbers 7.5swiss,and 7.62 moisin nagant.

With all bullets from 170 to 200 grains.up to 300 meters.

Lower loads,I do not remember exactly in the 6.5 carcano and 6.5 swede.

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