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delmarskid posted this 05 November 2022

I’ve been looking at this cartridge for deer hunting and cast plinking with my ar. I have nothing against the blackout but this thing has better numbers and brass conversion looks simple. Does anyone here use it and what have your experiences been?

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Fitzpatrick posted this 06 November 2022

I shoot the Rifle, carbine ,and pistol  all three shoot cast really well with the slow twist .

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delmarskid posted this 07 November 2022

Thanks, care to share some details? I’m interested in your range of bullet selection.

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Fitzpatrick posted this 07 November 2022

for cast I use from 150 gr to 180 gr round nose or flat nose doesn't mater just need to keep to C.O.A.L. of 2.260 for the mag length I powder coat for the AR's , the powder that work best for was reloader -7 or reloader 10x ,but have also used 4198 and 5744 start with 15 gr and work up 16 to 18  is my sweet spots for accuracy and for primers all I have tried have worked well even homemade with H-48 compound and still maintain good accuracy . if you ever want to discuss any of this would be glad to talk ,keyboards are not really my thing PM me and we can exchange phone numbers and talk about it . 

  Thanks James

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delmarskid posted this 08 November 2022

Thanks, I just may do that.

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