2R Lovell Maximum

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Tom-in-Pittsburgh posted this 30 January 2018

I've read that Ken Waters included information in his "Pet Loads" on the evolution of the 2R Lovell Maximum, from  the old 25-20 Single Shot, to the .22-3000, to the 2R Lovell, and finally to the 2R Lovell Maximum.

Would one of you who has "Pet Loads" let me know which edition or supplement this info is in? I don't have any of Waters' "Pet Loads" books, and I want to be sure I get the right one.



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GP Idaho posted this 30 January 2018

Tom: I have the eighth edition, large plum colored paper back. It has information on the 22-3000 and R-2 Lovell and case specifications for the Maximum Lovell.   Gp

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Tom-in-Pittsburgh posted this 30 January 2018

Great -- I'll look for that one.


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