Bullet Lubricant List 2016

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Eutectic posted this 28 September 2016

Here it is, all the old stuff and some new stuff. Have fun experimenting

Download below.

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norm posted this 29 September 2016

Thanks Steve, nice to have that information all in one place.

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singleshot posted this 29 September 2016

Great job, Steve! I do note, however, that Charlie Dell's 59C was left out.

Willis Gregory

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Eutectic posted this 30 September 2016

Willis, I do not have data on all of Charlie Dell's lubricants. If you have experience with 59C and the formula post it. Good or Bad, the information is useful.


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Maven posted this 30 September 2016

I was hoping someone would update Ralph's work.  Thanks so much for a job well done Steve!  :dude:

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mtngun posted this 24 October 2016

Thanks for sharing, Eutectic.   Some good info there.

I started adding rosin to my homebrew lubes over 10 years ago, because I was looking for a tackifier and rosin was easily obtained.    At that time I had never heard of anyone else using it but after searching your document I now realize the idea has been around for quite a while:

"Merrill Martin suggests any lube which is slippery shoots poorly, and using rosin as an ingredient can counter this effect." Agree with Merrill!

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OU812 posted this 24 October 2016

WHITE LABEL 45-45-10 needs testing. I have never gotten around to it.

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singleshot posted this 28 October 2016

Sorry for being so slow with this:

Here's the formula for Charlies 59C lube as taken from his book, all parts by weight:

Beeswax  35% Paracin 9  20% Ivory Snow 05% Castor Oil  10% Anhydrous Lanolin   20% Lead Stearate  10%

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hwevers posted this 06 March 2017

I'm curious if any one has used Hornady one shot case lube for lubing bullets prior to sizing in a Lee sizer, or possibly as a lube for shooting cast 200 gr. bevel base semi wadcutters.

I've been using Rooster jacket and have had great results.

All opinions appreciated.

Best regards,




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10Speed posted this 07 March 2017

Got the link.  Thanks.

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harleyrock posted this 04 May 2017

I clicked on the link and got only a blank page.  No download.  What did I do wrong?

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MarkinEllensburg posted this 04 May 2017

My guess is the file is stored on the old server and has not been moved to the current server.

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David Reiss posted this 04 May 2017

Download fixed.

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papertrl posted this 11 May 2017

I'm curious if any one has used Hornady one shot case lube for lubing bullets prior to sizing in a Lee sizer...


I haven't used One Shot for bullet sizing lube, but I have used Lee Resizing Lube thinned generously with alcohol. I just pour a little on the bullets and tumble them. It seems to work out pretty well, as long as I'm not sizing down enough to start closing up lube grooves. Like One Shot, it dries pretty quickly. In fact the bullets get pretty chilled as they dry. I normally do this if I intend to heat treat them. A coat of tumble lube gets pretty nasty in the toaster oven. I can't smell (or see) anything while baking a coat of the thinned Lee.

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