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Gunner220 posted this 09 April 2016

Looking for a moderate plinking load for the MB #2 Whitetail. These bullets are 135gr RNFP, sized .309. 30-30 data will work just fine. Of  course I can work up my own loads but am being a bit lazy and hoping somebody has one in their hip pockets. I have most of the powders that would be suitable for this bullet. Brinell is 18. 

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onondaga posted this 10 April 2016


That is a light bullet for cast in any 30 caliber rifle. A work-up will be more difficult than you expect. 30 caliber starts to get considerably easier to find accuracy when bullets weigh 170 + grains.

Your light bullet would very likely make a good a good close range plinker and small game load but is poor choice for deer in my opinion. A low velocity load with a Pistol powder like TiteGroup may work very well. I shoot a 90 gr SWC in 7.62X39 @ 1160 fps with 3.9 gr Titegroup and it groups under 1” @ 50 yards for squirrel from my Remington Spartan single shot rifle. About 5 gr H TiteGroup will do that with your bullet in 30-30. TiteGroup is not position sensitive and light charges of it ignite better than any of the other pistol powders in large cases like the 30-30. You can only go up to about 1600 fps safely with pistol powders in 30-30, then their pressures jump to high for cast bullets.

For 30-30  your 135 gr cast bullet would like the START load from Hodgdon for a 140 gr Jacketed bullet. That START load at 36,800 psi with H4895 is right where cast bullets perform best. You may be able to work up to 2150 fps with H4895 but the start load is 2077 fps.

Here is the data from Hodgdon you can verify at: http://www.hodgdonreloading.com/>http://www.hodgdonreloading.com/

Case: Winchester Twist: 1:12” Primer: Winchester LR, Large Rifle Barrel Length: 24” Trim Length: 2.030” Bullet Weight140 GR. HDY MFTX Starting Loads Maximum Loads Manufacturer Powder Bullet Diam. C.O.L. Grs. Vel. (ft/s) Pressure Grs. Vel. (ft/s) Pressure Hodgdon H4895 .308” 2.550” 26.0 gr START 2,077 36,800 PSI 29.7 2,273 40,300 PSI


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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 10 April 2016

welcome fellow plinker ..

for my plinking, which is mostly blowing up water-filled pop cans .... i use loads with cast that are in the 1200-1400 fps range ... no gas checks, and usually fast powders ... unique, red dot, bullseye, 700x ...trap 100, etc.

if it looks like a 222 case, i use about 4 or 5 gr. unique ...if it looks like a 308 or 30-06.... i use 8 to 12 gr. unique.

notice the art of simplicity ... heh ...

i do have accuracy standards ... 2 inches at 50 yards ... yep, that is the diameter of a pepsi can ...

and even with my slacker approach, it is still necessary to get a good fit of bullet to throat size ... if your groups run over 2 inches at 50 yards, it is almost for sure there is something wrong with the snug fit of bullet-to-throat .

for this fun level of plinking, i do not pay any attention to pretty castings, use no gas checks, i use any alloy that melts, and any lube that is handy .... but do pay attention to bullet fit ....loose bullet fit can give you 10 inch groups at 50 yards, which is no fun at all ...

safety wise with small charges of powder, i check every load with a dip stick to guard against double charges ...

....oh, and there are a lot of plinkers here ... amongst the accuracy fanatics ... so please keep us informed of your adventures in the fine art of bean can busting ...


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