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frnkeore posted this 28 March 2016

I have resently built a muzzle rest or “Sled” for my rifles. It conforms to all ASSRA & ISSA rules and I think it would meet the CBA rules but, it was bought to my attention that in rule 5.9, there is a word that says that only rifles “entered” in Unrestricted Rifle are allow this type of rest, even though PB rifles rifles are grouped with UNR, it doesn't say, specificlly that "Guiding” is allowed in PB.

The rules:

 5.4 Unrestricted Rifle - Any rifle meeting the requirements of 5.1 withoutrestriction as to its weight, stock configuration or guidance means. The competitor must place the rifle and rifle cradle on the bench by hand. Breech seating is allowed. 5.5 Plain Base Bullet Class - Any rifle meeting the requirements of 5.4 (Unrestricted Rifle) may be used in the Plain Base Bullet (no metallic gas checks) Class. The Plain Base Bullet Class does not prevent the use of plain base bullets in other classes. Breech seating is allowed.   5.9 Rests (Rifle) ”€œ In bench rest matches, rifles shall be fired from a sandbag front rest which may be supported on a pedestal, and a sand bag rear rest supporting the underside of the buttstock. Neither sandbag will be utilized in a manner which will restrain recoil. Rifles entered in the Unrestricted Class are exempt from these requirements.    (c) Guiding Means ”€œ Any device, addition, contour or dimension on a rifle designed or adapted to co-act with mating or reciprocal features of a rest to guide its return to firing position making it unnecessary to re-aim the rifle optically for each shot is prohibited in all but the Plain Base Bullet and Unrestricted Rifle classes.

Can I get a official determination of whether "entered” means that PB is not allowed the use of a  Guide or whether it was just a oversight in the wording?

Thank you,


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John Alexander posted this 29 March 2016

PM Sent

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John Alexander posted this 30 March 2016

The rules allow muzzle rests or sleds in PBB class. They have been used in the past and will be allowed in the future. John

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frnkeore posted this 30 March 2016

Thank you, John. I apprecaite your checking into it for me.


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oldblinddog posted this 21 September 2017

Sorry to resurrect an old thread but it is just the one I need an answer to. My question is what does this look like? Can a picture be posted? I'm assuming this "sled" doesn't look anything like the rest I use in USBR .22 with my 40X...or does it? Is the sled separate from the "rest" ?


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