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EvanGuy posted this 16 November 2015

so i have made a fire former at work to turn 303 brass into 410 shells, i have since found out this could be considered a handgun with a 5” barrel, i figured it was more like a ramset concrete nailer lol. anyway ill be welding a 19” long piece of 2” sch40 pipe over the exit hole to add a “barrel” so this is i guess a rifle hahahhah........... wait for pics, lol but as you know laws are laws

the chamber is a straight wall, its .462” dia, witch is minimum saami dia for the smallest part of a 410 chamber, so im sure it will chamber in all 410's then be fire formed to that gun when its used

as of now i shoot S&b fmj, just to get the cases to reload my cast bullets, ive used them for 25 reloads each now. lymans load data and also quickload put me around 16,000psi 880fps my chroni puts me at 910fps and i have a 4” longer barrel.

any way so after 25 reloads, they look and feel fine but im going to retire them into 410 shells and then used to load 8500psi once i get them made.   im going to use these in the 410 im making, i have bought a no1mk3 receiver and non matching bolt, so i plan to make the sear and spring, aswell as the trigger and stock, then fit or make a barrel (barrel would be 4140 1” dia for bolting up to receiver then id turn it down to a 1/8” wall with the .410” bore. chamber would be a straight .462” 56mm long with the 1.5mm counter bore for head space and rim thickness) basicily made to only dire the 303 convert brass,


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Brodie posted this 17 November 2015

Weld the pipe “barrel” on, weld a cap on the end of the pipe and add a cut into the pipe or enough holes to vent the gas. That way nobody could consider it a 'gun' of any kind as not projectile could exit the barrel. Brodie


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EvanGuy posted this 17 November 2015

^^^ yes thank you very much for the idea. thats what im going to do, probably the safest idea and least likely to get in trouble. im only going to be firing powder with the case packed with flour or anoher form of grains lol.

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mckg posted this 18 November 2015

I think it was George Nonte who had an old action reserved for case forming, with a few worn out barrel stubs he would screw in as needed.

And lookit what I found:

This one from a more anonymous writer :)

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JeffinNZ posted this 18 November 2015

To fire form cases for my .38-303 I load 15gr Green Dot, top of with corn meal and touch it off. BINGO. Fire formed cases.

Cheers from New Zealand

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