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MilsurpLover posted this 12 September 2015

Hey there CBA. I'm pretty green with casting and reloading. So much so that I'd bet if y'all threw me out in the field, the cows would eat me. That being said, I just wanted to share my findings and maybe get some feedback that I might improve my method.  I suppose I should start with the firearm.  It's a homebuilt (by me) imbel FAL on a coonan chambered in 7.62x51. I tried lots of Lee molds at different depths/charges but they would misfeed often enough to be considered unreliable.  Over the course of about 2 years worth of Sundays this is what I came up with: Lead recipe: 14 lbs wheel weight (minus the stick ons)                        1 lb 95% tin 5% antimony solid solder                        1/2 lb silver bearing tin solder

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MilsurpLover posted this 12 September 2015

I'm obviously pretty green with forums too. I had it all typed with nice spacing to separate it all nicely but the spacings were removed. Either way tho, I think yall get the idea.

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onondaga posted this 12 September 2015>MilsurpLover

Bullet fit may be all that is holding you back.

When cast bullets are the largest diameter that will chamber, they fit. Your .309 is likely  short of a chamber fit. Determine your bullet size by chamber throat size for a sliding fit of your bullets on chamber entrance.

A chamber casting would tell you you throat diameter.  A range of bullet sizing dies can also help lot for trial and error determining your bullet size.

None of my 30 caliber rifles like bullets less than .3105". My 7.62X39 single shot likes them .3125"

If un-sized bullets from your mold will chamber, they aren't big enough to be sized and likely too small for your rifle.


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MilsurpLover posted this 13 September 2015

Thanks for the pointer Gary. I'll give it a shot and see if I can get that group a bit tighter.

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