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BigBoreBob posted this 31 March 2015

Is your club shooting two shots per score target and calling it a registered match?  It is not.  Some clubs have been doing this for years and passing it off as a registered, legal shoot.  Now, some your match and regional directors  have proposed a rule change (FS 234) to make this practice legal. Their reasoning to change this rule is it would eliminate two target changes.  Our current rules have worked perfectly for 38 years allowing the CBA to have a strong competitive shooting program. Changing this will weaken our serious competitive program. This change, if approved, will change us from a major league shooting program to minor league.    

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Bud Hyett posted this 31 March 2015

The time savings of two less target changes will not be that much.

Often, the match is on weekends and range committees want the matches over so other members can use the range. I can understand the desire of any member to shoot; I have entered matches to be able to shoot where I can gain experience when I knew I would not be competitive. Often, I explain to these other club members that shooting under match time limits causes them to see and judge wind and light conditions quickly and that knowledge transfers to hunting. What happens if you shoot a new record on the second set of shots?  How will the match director be able to show the second set of shots for the new record?

I've heard the opinion that being able to shoot twice on one target will allow a person to take advantage of a lull in the wind. “Machine gun them in” was the phrase used by the speaker. However, the lull may come at the end of the match and you are already through when the wind conditions are right. More importantly, why fix something that isn't broke? I prefer to shoot a match however the wind and light are presented, one target at a time.

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norm posted this 01 April 2015

I agree with BigBoreBob wholeheartedly. We must have uniform procedures at all registered CBA matches. Twice I have travelled to a club for a CBA match and found out that they shot two shots on each record bull. I did shoot the match but I am not going back to either club unless I know the club is following the rule book.

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