Powder storage

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nimrod posted this 15 February 2015

I have a old refrigerator that gave up on me and I was wondering if it would make for a good storage cabinet for powder? Anything wrong with that idea? RB 

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Larry Gibson posted this 15 February 2015

That's what I use here in the desert except mine is still working. I keep it at 40 degrees as it can get pretty warm in my garage in the summer. The one I have here is a commercial model with no freezer compartment. I had a not operating one up north in western Washington and it work fine.


Concealment is not cover.........

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Wineman posted this 16 February 2015

Hatcher's notebook, said that is the best way to go. Not working and be sure (the old locking style in his day) to make it so it does not latch. Put a hasp on it and in a temperate environment, it could be outside too. I use a big (really big) ice chest that fits under my workbench. It is probably 4'x2'x2' and four to six inches thick. It is not perfect but the manly stuff needs to stay in the garage not in the house.


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