Postal matches for break action open hammer rifles & pistols

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mike0841 posted this 22 January 2015

Dave Federline (shootcast) has worked hard to get a class for break action firearms.  Below is a message from him about using them in CBA Postal matches to see how popular they might be.

Mike CBA Webmaster

Hello, just and up date. Mike Kastning, C.B.A. Postal Match Director has agreed to list results for this new category. Anyone interested in shooting a match should request targets from him for break action exposed hammer pistol or rifle.  Break action being an action where the barrel is attached to the action by a hinge pin and to load must be broken open.  To keep in line with present postal matches we should follow the rules pertaining to the current categories.

Example: Match 1 Winter Benchrest can be shot with either pistol or rifle. Request targets for this match under the new class category Break Action Open Hammer. Mail your targets back for scoring. Mike will award winners and post results in the usual way.

Because I want everyone to try this with what ever type firearm you have of this desciption lets shoot a few matches and keep the forum open for discussion. For starters both pistol and rifle will have two categories.

Production & Modified Production.

Production: This is your over the counter rifle or pistol. Example: pistol or rifle, iron sight or scope maximum of 9X, any grips or forend.  If your  scope is variable you must set it at 9X or below.

Modified Production: This is a repeat of the above with the following exceptions. Example: if you need more magnification or your barrel has been re-chambered or is a custom shop or after market replacement. 

I don't know if there will be enough interest for this class.  So shooter response will determine if it stays or goes.  Again the forum will help us work the kinks out if we have enough interest.

Thanks and please remember to thank Mike.

Dave (shootcast)

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Tom Acheson posted this 22 January 2015

Might want to clarify that exposed hammer single shot handguns like the MOA and BF are falling block designs and are not eligible?


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mike0841 posted this 22 January 2015

Tom Acheson wrote: Might want to clarify that exposed hammer single shot handguns like the MOA and BF are falling block designs and are not eligible?

Made the change and think it will be understood.


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shootcast posted this 06 February 2015

Hello all, Just a update on BOXH class. A few of us at our club shoot the winter benchrest match each year together and we had six shooters with seven entries. Five Break open exposed hammer class. Cold 25 degree day with 17 mph winds. Lovely day! Two rifle & three pistol shooters. We had fun and I secured last place.Looking forward to the next one.

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mrbill2 posted this 07 February 2015

I have a 219 Model Savage single shot rifle in 30/30 but does not have a exposed hammer. Would I be right to assume that that gun would not qualify. Do all guns have to have exposed hammers ?


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.22-10-45 posted this 10 February 2015

Would this have an iron sight class? What distance do you plan on shooting? Might be a good excuse to get those old British Rook rifles out..but 100yds might be a about a 50yd. open iron sight class?

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Tom Acheson posted this 11 February 2015

FWIW the current HANDGUN CBA Postal event for a Production, iron sight handgun, score or group, is shot at 50-yards.

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