Hello to all,

After reaching 78 years of age and spending a large part of it; shooting wildcat rifles, building wildcats and creating wild cat cartridges of my own design. I'm finally getting tired of making forming dies, reloading dies and such, myself.

Here is what I am now looking for; I have an old Herters universal loading die, but I do not have all of the bushings that I desire. They made a big deluxe kit that had numerous neck sizing bushings, body die bushings, bullet seater buttons and expander balls. I don't have much use for the body bushings, but I would buy them. If you have any of these old bushings or a deluxe set of this old stuff, I would like to deal you out of it. If I don't find this stuff, I'll be back on the lathe and mill making some myself. If you do, please send me an PM.


Thanks in advance,


David a. Cogburn