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delmarskid posted this 18 December 2016

Hello and thanks fr looking, I bought myself a Christmas present. I've been eye-balling a 7.5” Single Seven Ruger in 327 Federal for a few months at my little shop down the road. I gave in to my baser side and it lives with me now. I love my wife. She understands these things. Anyway this thing looks like it's going to be a shooter. I'm getting 2” groups off hand when I get it together at 25 paces. I got American Eagle 100 grainers to try it out. Today I shot up a fist full of .32 acp in it and that was just a hoot. No recoil to speak of and the accuracy was just as good as the full power stuff. I do have to be careful with my grip using the snappy rounds. The trigger guard will bight my knuckle if I don't be attentive. Been shopping in my head for a nice four or five cavity mold. I want a plain based bullet between 100 and 140 grains. I see some on Accurate molds of 115 to 135 that have the short nose needed for this cylinder. I slugged the cylinder throats and got .315 on most and .3145 on a couple. The forcing cone took the same slugs with moderate finger pressure. I read that the grooves are supposed to be . 312 but that doesn't matter does it? I guess if I have a question it is will I be okay to shoot .314” bullets? My .315” slugs fit snugly in fired cases. Thanks again, Dane.  

One other thing, the .327 case fits my .222 rem bolt face like it was made for it!

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SierraHunter posted this 18 December 2016

I had a 327 for a short time in the Blackhawk, but gave it up because I likes my single six better. I fount the most accurate bullet in mine was a oddball NOE mold that I have that cast a .314” 130gn HP, and it shot very well out of both the 327 and the 32 mag single six. I've been meaning to try one of those single sevens, but money has been directed other places lately.

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Eutectic posted this 27 December 2016

It sounds like you will be OK with 0.315 bullets. First I would seat one backwards and see how far out of the case you can have a full diameter front band in your gun, be sure to try all the chambers. Check the case length to be sure it it in specs. Now measure the cylinder and determine how much nose ahead of the crimp groove you can have. Do not push these dimensions too far, case length variations can bite you, and you want rounds to fit in a dirty gun   AMHIKT!

Now you have the dimensions you need and can adjust any of the Accurate designs to fit your Ruger. Tom will make a bullet mold with dimensions to fit your gun.

I thought about the 32 H&R when it came out, but ballistics were poor, they set the operating pressure way too low. The 327  is the round the 32 H&R could have been, but it is better. If a nice SP 101 comes along I may have to buy it.

Good luck, tell us how it turns out


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delmarskid posted this 28 December 2016

I've ordered a four holer from Accurate. They should weigh 105g from wheel weights. I've asked for it to be .315” with the exception of the band before the crimp groove which should be .312". I've had seating dies size this groove when I load so I just did it this way. The bullet is made for the single sevens nose length. I thought about the 135g bullet made for the same but I already have a couple of .38's and this would have amounted to about the same thing. The shop where I go had a 4"sp101 and an lcr snubby in 327. If I were looking for a carry gun I would think real hard about that lcr. It's a six shooter. I'm liking this single action more all the time. The balance is real good for a 7.5” barrel. The barrel is smaller in diameter than the Blackhawk and doesn't wave around for me as badly. 

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M3 Mitch posted this 28 December 2016

In my experience fitting a bullet to a revolver is very easy and simple.  I just drop the bullet into the chamber and see if it fits into the ball seat or not.  If the bullet drops on through the cylinder, it's too small and won't shoot accurately. The Accurate mold should work great.

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delmarskid posted this 29 December 2016

I had some .312” bullets and they wobbled in the cylinder throats so I upset some .310” lead balls in the throats with a brass drift and a light hammer. This worked very well.

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delmarskid posted this 02 January 2017

I got my mold Friday and cast a nice little pile of bullets out of my finest “this should work” alloy. The mold is a piece of art as I have come to expect from Tom at Accurate Molds. The bullets are a smaller version of the semi-wad cutter for the 357 mag that works so well. I forgot to weigh them. It doesn't matter, next time I cast it will be a different alloy and who knows what they will end up weighing then. I did mike a few and they came out at .316” on the lower driving bands and .313” on the band before the crimp groove. I had the mold ordered to use straight wheel weights and of course these are bigger because the alloy is close to no. 2 Lyman mix and the tin keeps the shrinking down. I sized them to .314” because the dummy cartridge would not chamber with the as cast bullet. Not a big deal except that no tumble lubing is not going to happen for the time being. The .314's push with good resistance through the chamber throats and the real rounds with a good  roll crimp chamber easily. I picked up a Lee three die set that was advertised as a blem for a good savings. The chambers on this revolver are a pretty good fit even using the Lee dies. Sometimes things get sized too small with mass produced reloading dies. Not in this case. I wanted to use a faster powder and get a good bullet upset to try to not get leading. I have not seen a lot of cast data on this 327. I went to the manual from Accurate arms and found a load for the 32 magnum using AA5. The max load for this 32HR Mag was 5.0 g under the 100g cast bullet for what they say would be 945 fps. I made a dozen at 6.0 and shot them for function and a quick check. Worked good I saw no funny stuff and the small test gave a good hint of accuracy. I mik'd the case heads and compared the results with unfired factory rounds and fired factory rounds and saw no change in dimensions. I made another dozen with 7.0g and got pretty much the same results. With this in hand I made up a sack full at 6.5 and sat at the bench and rest to do some real shooting. My home place has a 150 yard space with a nice hill at the end of it. Friday was 20 degrees and the wind was blowing left to right at about 10 to 15 miles per hour. I have the revolver sighted in for 25 yards center target to top of sight. At 150 yards I raised the front sight in the rear sight notch the same as I have with the .44 mag fired and checked in my spotting scope. I was on paper but hitting the target stapled at the right. Wind. Almost all of my rounds were on paper so I kept shooting two more cylinders full. More were hitting paper than not so I just settled down and played. I've tried to post pictures of my target but I evidently use too many of those bite things and it ain't gonna work. Suffice to say this gun looks like a good shooter. I have thirty holes in the 12"x12” target out of about 60 fired at 150 yards using cast bullets and open sights. It recoils about like a full power 38 special and shoots about as flat as a .357. Plates set up at 25 yards go down like they were hit with a 357 and have a ding in them.  I put an old set of Pachmeyer grips for the Blackhawk on because the factory grips are too small for my hands and my knuckle was taking a licking when I put my whole hand on the grip. The bigger grips make the gun point much nicer for me now and the sights look much steadier. There may be more to come tomorrow if the weather is good enough.

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David Reiss posted this 02 January 2017


I too received this same mold for Christmas as a gift from my wife, with a little help from me. I will be shooting mine in several     .32 S&W and .32 S&W Long revolvers. Although this is not my first .32 mold, it is one that fills a nice little gap in my stable of molds. This mold makes the 7th Arsenal mold I own and have no doubts it will perform as well as the others. I will continue to follow your conversation.  

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delmarskid posted this 03 January 2017

I had the day off today so I spent more time shooting this Ruger. I loaded the brass that I made empty yesterday and shot up what I didn't use yesterday. I went to the Accurate powder site and found a bit of data. My loads appear to be their starting suggestion for this AA5 and bullet combination. I made a few up that were a half grain under max just to see and they were too hot to suit me. My chambers were dirty and I had hard extraction. More like hard ex-push-tion right? At any rate I got the sights adjusted for elevation and there was little wind today so I burned up 110 rounds today. I kept about 80% of the rounds on the 12x12 paper at 150 yards again but I couldn't hit the 10” gong to save my asterisk. I will need to cast again soon. The load data suggests that I can get up to 1500 fps with the slower powders. I have not found any leading so far and I bet I'm close to 1200 right now.  I turned the sight adjust almost exactly one and a half full turns to get centered with a six o'clock hold. That's good. I can return to a 25 yard zero when I'm done exasperating myself.  

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