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makpeter posted this 24 May 2021

Hey guys

I am testing new mold for lead casting bullets

In .223 caliber with Vithavuori N135

The bullet with gas check and powder coating and brinell hardness of 19 and weighs 69 grain

The Vitha table shows minimum load 21.1 grains but if I load 19 grains according to quickload the load is still safe

How low can you go and when is it no longer safe, because even with 10 grain it is still safe for quickload

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Spindrift posted this 24 May 2021

Maybe I shouldn’t comment on this subject, since I have never used N-135. But I use a lot of extruded single-base powders. Like Vectan Tubal- 3000, which has a similar listed burning rate to N135. I wouldn’t worry about a little load reduction with it. With your bullet weight, in the .223, I would stay above about 15grs. Just my opinion/ gut feeling.

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