Playing with the 450-400

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Wheel Weights posted this 27 July 2021

An old classic Ruger brought back to life in the No.1S. sadly , being light and no pad it's no fun with full house loads.

BUT with cast and moderate loads it's a great round.

IME it's easier to get big bores to shoot well with cast.

Results with a NEI DD 320 gr wheelweights over a 40-65 load.


This 1S was bought almost new from a fellow who took two Buff w/it in Africa. I swapped the highly figured red pad stock off an older No. 1. That's Unertl 4X on it but upgrading to 2-6 Bausch I found on Ebay.

That same bullet also is great in the 400 Whelen and 400 H&H.

We sure do miss NEI !



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Wheel Weights posted this 29 July 2021

Since we're locked down by forest fire smoke, thought I dig her out and make some ammo.

Found a box I loaded 5 years ago with 15 empties in it. Loaded up 3 batches of 5 each with 2520,4198 and 4759.

In giant cases with light charges I use Dacron for an over powder wad and Cuban style corn meal as a filler. Assures ignition and smells nice too. Swapped out the 4X scope for a 6-24AO, nice for paper punching.

Bench is a bit messy but I can usually find what I need. (LOL)


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RicinYakima posted this 29 July 2021

Ah yes! Jim Corbett's heavy double rifle caliber for tigers. 

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beagle6 posted this 30 July 2021


Glad to see another Jim Corbett fan out there! Jim killed an astounding number of man eating Tigers and Leopards using a 450/400 and also a 275 Rigby (7x57). Just for perspective, some of the tigers killed over 400 people. He was not only a great hunter, but a great naturalist. There is a wildlife preserve in India named for him. Some of his books are available on Amazon for reasonable prices.


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RicinYakima posted this 30 July 2021

I read his books first in Jr. High in the late 1950's. Since then I have been able to buy first editions of all of them, plus the compilations. Only taken me 50 years to do it. I always found it so interesting that the man-eaters usually started from accidents to the cat, or during cholera or flu epidemics. Cheap free proteins is always useful for them. Also that man-eaters are much rarer in Africa because they commonly bury their dead rather than partially burning them and throwing them in the river, or just chucking them out in the jungle if it was more convenient. 

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