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sergeant69 posted this 28 July 2021

after being on the list for a Magma MasterCaster since last nov hopefully i am due for delivery by this coming nov. i have since bought a used one i am happy with and my son told me he has no interest so if i do get it i will probably put it up for sale, NIB. since i haven't actually bought it yet i don't know what it will cost me and how much i'll ask for it. if no interest until then i may even call and cancel the order. however if interested please let me know so i can plan accordingly. i'd much rather be able to put it into the hands of a fellow caster than a reseller.

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sergeant69 posted this 10 August 2021

soon as i got out of FB jail i posted it there, sold it in 10 minutes. no concerns about shipping etc. just said as soon as you get it ship it to me after my MO arrives to pay for it. win-win 

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