Every day we handle phone calls & emails (usually leading to a phone call) about not being able to log in or changing passwords. In 99% of the cases the issue involves the user trying one of these things that don't work

1) The user is trying to use the old forum login info.

2) The user in not using the reset password in the yellow bar at the bottom of the page.

3) When they do try and use the password reset, the email address is wrong or an old one or the reset link is being put in their spam box. 

Make sure you use the correct email and give it a few minutes to show up in your inbox. My reset comes to my email within about 5 seconds, others take several minutes, this is dependent on your computer or phone and is not a software issue. 

If you still have issues, call the number at the bottom of the page and leave a message. I will walk you through it, but please try and follow the tips above first.


David Reiss - NRA Life Member & PSC Range Member Retired Police Firearms Instructor/Armorer
-Services: Wars Fought, Uprisings Quelled, Bars Emptied, Revolutions Started, Tigers Tamed, Assassinations Plotted, Women Seduced, Governments Run, Gun Appraisals, Lost Treasure Found.
- Also deal in: Land, Banjos, Nails, Firearms, Manure, Fly Swatters, Used Cars, Whisky, Racing Forms, Rare Antiquities, Lead, Used Keyboard Keys, Good Dogs, Pith Helmets & Zulu Headdresses. .