Just by way of introduction, the Manitoba Muzzle Loaders Association put on it’s first fun BPCR silhouette shoot. Two young ladies traded off as shooter/spotter and did well with their father’s Browning HiWall in 45-70. They later did yeoman work on our metal gophers with a BSA Martini .22.

After the shoot I found out that one of the ladies was shooting for her first time, enjoyed it and would like to continue. Alas, she may have to wait  awhile because she’s off to Italy in the Fall to study Marine Biology/Oceanography.

Now I know there is some shooting in Italy, but I don’t know how clubs and ranges are organised, and if it’s possible to shoot without owning a gun. In short, I don’t know anything.


If anyone is willing to help I could put you in touch with the girl’s father, and you could fill them in on the sport. ( I don’t have her contact information and I’m so old that having it would be creepy.)


Any help is gratefully appreciated.

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