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Aaron posted this 12 February 2024


With rifle in hand, I confidently go forth into the darkness.

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mashburn posted this 23 February 2024

When my wife walks in my shop, and takes a look at the end of the shop where my reloading area is, she just says, "what a mess".


David a. Cogburn

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Sevenfan posted this 22 February 2024

I don't touch anything in my wife's sewing room and she doesn't touch anything in my gun/reloading room. Celebrated our 45th anniversary in Nov so we got some things right. wink

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Buttersdad posted this 22 February 2024

My wife is my shooting partner and loves it. She also loves that I reload because she is very frugal and knows it saves us money. That being said, she has absolutely no interest in reloading herself and stays out of my reloading room by her own choice. 

I love you babe. 

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Bud Hyett posted this 16 February 2024

I have the opposite problem. Alice is a shooter and, bless her heart, a reloader. If my reloading shed is not arranged correctly, I get a short but intense "look". 

This is a problem I am happy to adjust to and I try to keep the shed arranged to her standards.

Farm boy from Illinois, living in the magical Pacific Northwest

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Lucky1 posted this 16 February 2024

My wife was wondering what I was laughing at. Then I showed her the meme and she gasped "oh no!!!!" So I know that however chaotic my space in the basement is at any particular time, it will remain that way. The downside is that when I can't find something, it's all on me.

Scott Ingle

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Qc Pistolero posted this 15 February 2024

That's why my wife is not allowed in my office or my loading room;I love my wife and that rule is to make sure it stays so.Nice part of it,she understand it fully...as long as I don't go into her knitting wool stash!

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